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Riserless Light Well Intervention

Riserless Light Well Intervention

Responding to subsea challenges with well intervention services

TechnipFMC is ready to respond quickly and efficiently to the challenges that may significantly affect production levels.


TechnipFMC launched Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) equipment and related services in the beginning of 2000. This service was developed to provide a cost-effective alternative to rig-based interventions. From 2005 through 2016, TechnipFMC, with alliance partner Island Offshore, completed over 400 successful well interventions. In 2017, TechnipFMC formed a Joint Venture, TIOS, with Island Offshore, and in July 2021, TechnipFMC acquired the remaining shares of TIOS AS.

What we do

TechnipFMC has a track record of servicing more than 765 subsea wells, resulting in significant increased production from most of them.

We offer a complete range of Light Well Intervention services to the global market including:

  • Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI)
  • Riserless coiled tubing (RLCT)
  • Plug and abandonment (P&A)
  • Pilot hole / top hole drilling

Traditionally, a drilling rig performs well interventions. TechnipFMC does things differently, performing Light Well Intervention (LWI) services from a monohull vessel. The result? Better service:

  • Lower carbon footprint per operation
  • Improved operational efficiency per well
  • Cost reduction per day

Our drive is to provide innovative solutions with minimum environmental impact by implementing new methods and improving existing ones.

Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI)

In servicing subsea wells, what others do from a rig with riser-based wireline, we can do from a vessel with riserless wireline. Services include diagnostics, stimulation, surveillance, zonal isolation, equipment manipulation and mechanical repairs.

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Riserless coiled tubing (RLCT)

After the first operations performed in 2014-2015, in September 2020 a new pioneering RLCT project has been successfully completed in water depths up to 3085 m. Following the development of the subsea stripper, the first commercial operation in a live well will be executed in 2022.


Plug and abandonment (P&A)

Once the domain of drilling rigs, monohull vessels are now successfully performing plug and abandonment services for subsea wells and recovering wellheads. In performing these P&A services, TechnipFMC complies with all Norwegian and UK regulations and can supply full project responsibility.

Plug And Abandonment

Pilot hole and top hole drilling

Based on several studies and two successful operations, TechnipFMC now provides the capabilities to drill pilot holes, drill surface holes for conductor pipe, install subsea wellhead systems and cement pipes in place. Riserless Coiled Tubing can also be used for these applications. 

Pilot Hole Top Hole Drilling

Engineering services

We provide integrated engineering services to plan, design and manage solutions for complex projects in harsh and challenging environments. We work closely with clients to clearly define methods and potential scope of work. Through research and development, we continuously work to extend the life of the field, boost efficiency and reduce costs.

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Onshore operational support

To support offshore campaigns, our highly skilled onshore operations personnel have years of experience and competency in project management, Light Well Intervention and marine operations.

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Offshore personnel

Committed, highly skilled and experienced, our offshore personnel are our most valuable assets. We perform our jobs with pride and strive to deliver efficient and safe operations. Every year we become more efficient. We constantly challenge and improve best practices in everything we do.

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Vessel Information

TechnipFMC continues to partner with Island Offshore Management AS for exclusive use of their Light Well Intervention vessels, these vessels are designed and built for maximum efficiency and operability. In addition, TechnipFMC can operate LWI systems from our industry leading fleet of construction and support vessels as well as other partner vessels. To get more information on our vessels, please visit: