Asset Management

Asset management

Asset management

World-class facilities built for safety, quality, delivery and cost optimization

TechnipFMC offers dedicated asset management services and facilities to support the management and maintenance of client-owned tools and equipment. The services can be executed according to our recommended asset management requirements or configured to match specific client needs and equipment readiness. We can perform asset management services at our world-class facilities, client facilities or third-party facilities.


TechnipFMC continues to expand and invest in service facilities for global operations. Emphasis has been placed on strategic placement of service bases in key geographical regions to align with client operations. This allows us to provide comprehensive services, including optimized turnaround times, onsite technical support and local partnership for international project execution.

Integrated Systems

Our facilities have been designed around personnel safety, featuring integrated fall protection systems, purpose-built test bunkers and pits, optimized material movement and integrated pressure systems.


Services include mobilization, demobilization, maintenance, preservation, refurbishment, recertification and storage.

World-class service facilities

Industry-leading field and engineering support

  • Preservation
  • Maintenance
  • Mobilization
  • Demobilization
  • Refurbishment/Overhaul
  • Recertification
  • Storage
  • Third-Party Equipment and Services
Henderson Base

Low-cost, fast delivery, strong performance

Lower Cost

  • Refurbishment offers a cost- and schedule-efficient alternative to purchasing new equipment
  • Consolidated operations shorten execution cycle and lead time to enable earlier returns

Faster Delivery

  • Splash-Ready equipment lowers risk profile and allows for lower contingency and pre-deployment spending
  • Integrated facilities and repeatable procedures reduce unplanned downtime, personnel exposure and schedule risk

Improved performance

  • Integrated offerings simplify responses to clients’ needs
  • Standardized, efficient procedures ensure safe and predictable operations


Mobilization incorporates the depreservation of installable equipment and tools to ensure they are fully operational before going offshore. Equipment maintained by our Splash Ready maintenance strategy undergoes a rapid mobilization that covers depreservation, inspection, critical function testing, technical status reporting and logistical readiness.

The mobilization scope and test plan can be customized to include additional testing based on client requirements and maintenance strategy.


TechnipFMC's Splash Ready maintenance strategy focuses on a comprehensive demobilization of equipment after its return from offshore deployments. The demobilization service includes washing and cleaning of the equipment, verification of its operational condition, repair of any damaged or worn components, comprehensive function and pressure testing, technical status reporting and preservation for storage.

The Splash Ready demobilization insures the equipment can be rapidly mobilized to support future offshore operations.

Preservation and Maintenance

We offer a wide variety of equipment maintenance services, including repair/recertification, preventive maintenance and preservation programs. Our recommended preservation and maintenance programs incorporate internal best practices as well as industry defined equipment integrity requirements.

These services can be customized to fit the client’s operational needs with TechnipFMC managing the scheduling, planning, traceability and reporting.

Refurbishment and Modification

Refurbishment and modification services are provided for all TechnipFMC products, including production, processing, installation, intervention and specialty equipment.

Original equipment specifications and technical product expertise are employed to determine client recommendations and requirements.