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Our people's inspiring experiences

Our people's inspiring experiences


Subsea/Surface Engineering - India

Anamika joined the TechnipFMC team as an associate engineer in 2019. She’d heard from her fellow students that it was a great place to work, with a positive workplace culture offering excellent learning opportunities. She shares some of her career highlights to date.  

Since starting work with TechnipFMC I’ve been part of a range of exciting and collaborative projects. One of the highlights to date was the joint project between my team in Hyderabad, India, and Stephenville and Houston in the United States.  

It was a collaboration to develop and qualify Wear Bushing Running Tool Cup seals. We provided the engineering, Stephenville took care of the manufacturing, and the workshop in Houston helped us all to understand the project requirements and to test the seal. Working together, we delivered a successful result within the project timeline. 

For the most part, my role involves providing product teams with suggestions about our sealing solutions. I take part in discussions about how we can improve our products in line with inputs from ​​​​Non-Metallic Cell and Root Cause Analysis. I’m also actively involved in ensuring seal qualification for new requirements as they arise.  

I enjoy the agile and collaborative work environment and culture. There’s real encouragement to share new ideas, as well as constructive feedback that helps us refine them further, which leads to a great learning experience. At the same time as we achieve as a team, we develop as individuals.  

Without doubt, TechnipFMC is a great environment for anyone who loves to learn and to take up challenges. It offers diverse work opportunities that will nurture and develop the best in everyone.  


Sourcing and Procurement - France

Based in Paris, France, Indirect Buyer Aurelie joined TechnipFMC in 2023 and is one of our EVP heroes. She wanted to be part of a company with dynamic activities – and opportunities – around the world. She relishes the chance to work with global clients and colleagues, as well as to explore career directions internally and internationally.  

My job is to negotiate rates, conditions, and contracts with suppliers before projects are launched, as well as to work with different teams to assess their satisfaction with suppliers. If needed, I’ll draw up an action plan to improve or build on that level of satisfaction to ensure our supplier relationships continue to work for us. 

Collaboration is a vital part of my role. From my point of view, to collaborate positively, we need to know and understand each other – that’s what shows us how to work together. One of the most positive collaborations I’ve been part of to date was working with a team who had to set up a new supplier panel.  

I made sure the team was included in all meetings with the suppliers, which gave them a lot of confidence in me, and which in turn helped to create confidence between the suppliers and the team. 

The key thing companies need to do these days is innovate. The way we work – and the way our industry works – is changing all the time. We need to be curious and be creative. When we collaborate, creative ideas emerge more easily, and we generate the ideas we need to put into practice to continue providing the solutions our industry, clients, suppliers, and business need. That’s something we’re able to do at TechnipFMC.  

On a personal level, one of the things I enjoy most about my job is being able to use my language skills. I can speak with suppliers and colleagues in French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and that can be a real plus. 

I also love that career progression is really part of the company’s culture. Working here gives me the chance to progress internally or internationally, and I know I can always have an open discussion with my manager about my career path and where I would like it to go.  

There are a lot of great things about working with TechnipFMC. If you enjoy a challenge, if you want to be part of a company where you can contribute to its improvement and evolution in a constantly changing world, this is the ideal place for you. 


Business Development and Sales - USA

Kyle, Director, Business Development & Commercial Services, North America, was drawn to TechnipFMC by our position as market leader in Subsea, as well as our focus on technology and innovation. He joined the team as a ​​​​Project Manager in 2014 and has held various roles on the journey to his present position. He tells us some of the things he enjoys most about working with us.  

One of the many things I like about my job is that every day is different. As a team, we deal with traditional contracts, tenders, and customer engagements. However, we are in the middle of a shift towards growth, strategy, and transformation, so we also spend time thinking about how to focus our efforts and find new ways of working.  

I am surrounded by talented colleagues with amazing experiences and skill sets and being able to leverage our collective strengths to solve problems and create opportunities is something that gives our team, and the whole company, a competitive advantage. 

An initiative I am particularly proud of was helping to establish TechnipFMC’s Long Term Energy Outlook. Working with senior leaders and colleagues around the world, we created a picture of the complete energy landscape. We then looked at where and how the energy markets will shift in the future, helping to support the creation of our own strategy. It was a rewarding and enlightening experience. 

That was just one of the ways I have experienced our core value of Achieving Together. Every day I see examples of collaboration, like the incredible success we are seeing from our Service Base in Guyana. The volume of work and the level of activity since we broke ground is testament to the collaborative efforts of everyone involved.  

We are now at the stage of improving our long-term outlook and growth strategy around services in Guyana, and the plan we are following involves value-stream owners from engineering, base operations, life of field, services project managers, projects, commercial, and more. Guyana is going to continue to grow, and our team efforts will not only enable that growth, but also help us take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.  

I believe the work we do is important. However, it is the people I work with that are my favorite thing about being at TechnipFMC. I have met some amazing, talented, and caring people during my time here, and they are my motivation to do my best to make the company even better. 

This is a company that will appreciate what you put into your work and your career. So, if you want a challenging and rewarding experience, with a company that delivers industry-leading products and services in some of the world’s most challenging operating environments, come join our team! 


Subsea Operations - France

Laurent knew he wanted to work in the construction world, specifically in relation to the sea. He joined TechnipFMC in 2000, knowing that would give him the opportunity he was looking for. Since starting his career with us as a Flexible Pipeline Design Engineer, Laurent has enjoyed 13 different roles, making him the perfect person to share what makes us a great place to work. 

When I started with TechnipFMC, I knew it would give me the opportunity to travel to different countries, and to work on and offshore. I’ve been involved in projects in Angola, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria, and more. I spent five years working in Perth, Australia, which was a memorable experience both personally and professionally.  

One of the main highlights of my career was completing Moho Nord operations in Congo. It was a significant project, involving more than 30 vessels in construction, transportation, and more. We faced several challenges over the course of that project, but the strength and the dedication of the entire team meant it ended in success. 

Today, as Operations Director, based in Paris, France, I work on various projects around the world, so I can clearly see the international range of each one. From engineering to offshore, people from various divisions and geographies work together to provide the expertise needed to deliver the project. 

One of the things I enjoy most about my role is being part of large offshore subsea projects involving my colleagues from many countries, and seeing those projects move from start to completion.  

I have no doubt that the people of TechnipFMC are the key to our success. Their dedication, motivation, adaptability, and resilience, as a global team, are what ensures we continue to lead in our field. 

For anyone who wants to be part of a motivated and talented team, and to work on complex international offshore projects, I’d say don’t hesitate – join TechnipFMC. 


Manufacturing - Brazil

Magnum first encountered TechnipFMC at an oil and gas event, where he was, he says, impressed by our technology. That was in 2007. Since then, Magnum has helped to set up some of our most innovative technologies and processes. Here’s what working with TechnipFMC means to him.  

The first major highlight of my career with TechnipFMC was my involvement in the implementation of the Açu Flexible Pipe Plant. During that period, I took part in the training process for new employees, and in the setup of the new plant. At the same time, I was promoted to the position of Technical Leader.  

Later, I twice traveled to France to work on the development of a new product. That gave me almost six months of experience in working in another country.  

More recently, as part of the plant team on the Hybrid Flexible Pipe project, I spent three months at the Magma plant in Portsmouth, England, closely monitoring project development. I’m very proud to be working on flexible pipe manufacturing – in fact I get quite emotional when I talk about my professional life. It’s amazing to know how important this product is for our industry.  

I’ve been part of various collaborative projects while working at our Açu plant, and I’m also part of our important work to keep our people safe and create a positive working culture. I’m involved in local safety initiatives such as CIPA (Internal Accident Prevention Commission) and SIPAT (Internal Accident Prevention Week). I’m also a volunteer in the Diversity Group, which I think is a valuable space where we can discuss topics related to diversity and inclusion at TechnipFMC. 

The aspect of our culture I relate to most is psychological safety. That is, being able to talk openly about both work and personal issues in an open and safe environment. Knowing my managers will listen to me and deal fairly with me is an important pillar for my personal and career development.  

If you’re looking for a place where you can develop your career, TechnipFMC is certainly the right place. It provides opportunities for learning and growth as well as the opportunity to work in several areas, across different units and even in other countries, which is very rewarding. I have no doubt that joining our team will add a lot to your personal and professional life. 


Business Development & Sales - USA

Any nervousness Rachel might have had about being an immigrant and fitting in with our culture in Houston vanished on her first day in the job. She told us her TechnipFMC story, which starts when she interviewed for a role in Corporate Development in 2019.  

If you ask me what convinced me to accept the offer of working at TechnipFMC, I’d say the most important thing was the people. During the three rounds of interviews, I felt incredibly comfortable talking to my hiring manager and the HR team.  

On top of that, it would give me the opportunity to work with people around the world, in a top-tier company in the energy industry.  

I was a little nervous before I started my new job. I’m an immigrant, and English is not my first language. Would I fit into the culture? Would my team like me? Those fears were gone from the very first day. My team is so diverse, and people come from many different backgrounds, cultures, and countries. I didn’t feel like I was different – in fact, I felt nothing but included and welcomed.  

After working in Corporate Development for two and half years, I helped with the CO2 emissions analysis in 2020, when decarbonization started to trend in the energy industry. My analysis contributed to the shaping of the company strategy, which aims to assist our clients decarbonize their facilities. It also led to my current role in New Energy as a Strategy Analyst.  

My daily activities include business analysis and strategic planning that shapes our understanding of renewables market segments and identifies profitable growth options. I work in a team with 10 nationalities across various geographies, so collaboration is key to driving the performance and achieving our goals.  

I work with our engineering and commercial teams to get the inputs I need to run market analysis. I also collaborate closely with our Subsea and Surface segments, developing ways to refine our offering that will assist our clients in reaching their ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance] targets. 

My favorite part about working with TechnipFMC, apart from the diversity of the work and the workforce and the inclusivity of our culture, is the support you get to grow in your career.  

There are all kinds of tools and programs that you can use to learn and improve your skill set. You’re actively encouraged to explore different career opportunities, and to go outside your comfort zone. Your managers and the people you work with are supportive, encouraging you to get to, and take, the next step as you progress in your career.  

If you’re out there wondering if TechnipFMC is right for you, I’d simply say: This company cares about its employees’ wellbeing. It helps you grow according to your own preference. And on top of that the culture is amazing and focused on diversity, flexibility, and respect. 


Subsea Project Operations - Brazil

Raquel joined TechnipFMC in 2017 and has been a laying engineer on pipe-laying support vessel Skandi Açu in Brazil since 2021. We asked her to tell us what she loves about working with us. Here’s what she said.  

I started as an intern in 2017, with the dream of becoming a laying engineer for TechnipFMC. After two years, I landed the role of materials planning engineer, based in Rio de Janeiro. Two years after that I made it to my dream job and started working as a laying engineer.  

My main role on board the Skandi Açu is in coordinating line laying operations. I also work with remotely operated vehicles, nautical operations, and other aspects of the vessel. Day-to-day, we manage the projects in the vessel's portfolio, always working to serve our clients in the best way possible. 

There have been a few key highlights in my career with TechnipFMC, the main one being the move into offshore. I switched from an administrative role to a technical role, so there was a lot to learn. Not only about the role, but also about myself. I had to reinvent myself almost every day.  

As a woman in a male-dominated environment, I appreciate our inclusive and supportive culture. It can be challenging, but I’m able to manage it well thanks to one of the greatest positives about working with this company: teamwork.  

I always aim to make the work environment easier, and to create and maintain synergy between teams and departments. I believe a good work environment will always help the team achieve great results. In fact, I would say that the one aspect of TechnipFMC’s culture I relate to the most is what I call ‘conquering together’ – working as a global team to achieve common goals.  

A well-formed team is created by differences. Each person will have different characteristics and different areas of expertise, which complement and complete each other. When we work as a single team, with each person recognizing their space and sharing their knowledge, the results are immediate, and we achieve our common goals. 

My favorite things about working with TechnipFMC are the opportunities it offers and the way the company treats its people. I started as an intern, and now I’m in the job I always wanted. At the same time, I’m working for a company that cares about my life outside work as well as supporting my career.  

To anyone thinking of joining our team, I would say this: in today’s world, we can really value a company that trusts and supports us in our working lives, and that cares for us as employees and as people.  


Subsea/Surface Engineering - United Kingdom

Sneha is proud to be one of an increasing number of women in engineering leadership roles in TechnipFMC. She joined the company in 2014 in her native Hyderabad, India, and is currently a Project Lead Engineer in Dunfermline, United Kingdom.  

It was TechnipFMC’s working culture and interesting work that tempted me to join after I’d graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH) College of Engineering. 

I’ve since learned that another of the company’s strengths is the wide range of opportunities it offers. After eight years in Hyderabad, I was keen to further develop my knowledge and experience of company products and was able to secure a move to Dunfermline in 2022. 

There have been lots of highlights during my time with the company. My expertise is in connections, and I remember the first project I worked on which involved test equipment design for a KLV connector. I spent five months in Manchester, United Kingdom, providing manufacturing support to our supplier. Similarly, I was based in Houston, Texas, United States, for a month working as a qualification test engineer. Plus, I’ve had the chance to lead a team of eight people. 

I’m a strong promoter of inclusion, and a big part of understanding diversity comes from bringing our global team together.  

That's why we have global celebrations that celebrate our company culture. I remember one in 2017 very clearly because I received a service award and then gave a dance recital for everyone! What made it really special was that it was also my birthday that day. Once the news got out, I had people from all over the world singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. 

There are lots of benefits of working with TechnipFMC. As well as flexibility in working, there is a wide range of products to learn about and work on, and an ‘open door’ policy that encourages communication at every level. 

If anyone was thinking about joining us, I’d tell them: ‘It’s a great place to work. There are great people to work with and there’s so much to learn.’ 


Subsea/Surface Engineering - India

Sriram says it was the “sheer complexity involved in the projects and global work culture” that initially attracted him to TechnipFMC. Since joining the team as a graduate engineer in 2011, he held the posts of Senior Engineer and Engineering Team Lead before taking on the role of Engineering Manager in 2022. We asked him to share some of his impressions about working for TechnipFMC.  

It's difficult to pin down a single favorite thing about working at TechnipFMC. For me, it’s an amalgamation of the technical challenges it presents, as well as the open and collaborative culture that makes work life really enjoyable.  

Right now, I’m managing a team working on new development and standardization, so my responsibilities vary. I have to manage and resolve budget issues as well as dealing with the technical challenges of our work. At the same time, I’m responsible for helping my team members plan and build their careers. It’s a highly diversified role and I really enjoy it.  

One of the other things I love about working here is the opportunity for collaboration with teams around the world. For example, when it comes to industrializing our Subsea business through Configure to Order (​Subsea 2.0™)​, I work with engineering, supply, and manufacturing teams to achieve targets.  

In fact, one of my career highlights has been implementing and leading the development of academic collaboration within my own department. That, plus growing the valve and seal team from seven people to 25, has been a real achievement for me.  

The culture here is incredibly supportive. There’s no such thing as ‘failure’ – just the opportunity to learn and develop. Our working patterns are flexible so we can balance our lives. And the open-door policy means everyone is a colleague. Anyone, at any level, can contact anyone else for advice or support or to benefit from their expertise. That makes for a very encouraging atmosphere. 

If you’re thinking of joining us, I’d say go for it. Everyone is welcome here, and your journey to professional success will be interesting. 


Business Development and Sales - Malaysia

Tracy knew very little about the energy industry when she joined TechnipFMC, but she was intrigued by the fact that the company built ‘Christmas Trees’. Since starting in 2001, she has developed a substantial knowledge of the sector. 

I have a friend to thank for my career with TechnipFMC. They recommended the company to me at a time when I was not familiar with the sector. The person who interviewed me told me the company built ‘Christmas Trees’ [as subsea tree production systems are sometimes known] and I was immediately interested. That started a journey that has lasted more than 20 years. 

Throughout my time with TechnipFMC, I’ve never stopped learning, never been afraid to ask questions or take up new challenges, and always tried to think outside the box. 

I joined in November 2001 as Base Administrator at the Kemaman Supply Base on Malaysia’s east coast. I enjoyed working there and eventually became Base Coordinator. In 2015, I moved to Kuala Lumpur as a Customer Support Coordinator. Two years later, I was promoted to Malaysia Service Manager before becoming Aftermarket Commercial Manager for APAC (Asia Pacific region) in 2019. Recently, I was made Sales Manager for Surface Malaysia. 

Collaboration has always been essential to the way TechnipFMC operates and I’m a member of aftermarket commercial network in my territory. We help improve the aftermarket process by reviewing existing ways of working and developing new initiatives and ideas. 

There are lots of opportunities for career development and we have a great learning platform and talented colleagues who help you excel in your job. The company is very focused on employee well-being and supports lots of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities outside work, including the iVolunteer program. You definitely feel like you’re part of a big family with lots of support. 

To anyone thinking about joining the company I’d say, TechnipFMC is a place for you to rise and shine in your career, regardless of your gender, race, culture, and religion, as long as you work hard, and have the right skills and a positive mindset!