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iComplete™ Completions Integrated System

iComplete™ Completions Integrated System

Frac Different: Faster. Safer. Smarter.

Get to first oil faster, safer and smarter with iComplete™. Our integrated completions system enables you to frac differently by leveraging flexible pipe, automation and digital efficiency to minimize complexity and eliminate intervention in the red zone.  

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Our fully integrated iComplete™ completions system gets to first oil faster by doing things differently. We leverage flexible pipe, automation and advanced digital capabilities to deliver greater efficiency with 80 percent fewer connections. This means an elimination of human intervention in the red zone, making your fracturing pad faster, safer and smarter.

iComplete™ offers more service capability, greater reliability and fewer emissions with the simplicity of one pad, one supplier and one invoice. From pump to casing, iComplete™ minimizes complexities so you can focus on one thing: Getting to first oil faster with 30 percent lower costs.


TechnipFMC’s Speedloc™-XT system is a fully digitized, hydraulic connector to remotely and safely connect and disconnect wireline pressure control equipment from the frac tree during wireline and coil tubing operations. Our system was developed from field-proven subsea technology to eliminate manual operations while improving focus on safety, operational efficiency and predictability.

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SAFlex™ WellFlex™

WellFlex™ is the mid-to-large bore sizes of our iComplete™ SAFlex™ onshore flexibles portfolio. WellFlex™ flowlines deliver higher flow rates, improving slurry delivery and reducing operational costs and downtime. WellFlex™ enhances completion project economics with two simple connections, eliminating several iron connections between the manifolds and trees. With industry-standard clamp connections, WellFlex™ offers flexibility in rig ups and significantly reduces rig-up time.

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Trees and Manifolds

TechnipFMC’s manifold systems are customizable for complete full-bore delivery through a rigid system or WellFlex™ solution. Our flexible modular systems are delivered and installed, either vertical or ground level, and connect to multiple frac trees before the pumping crew arrives.

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Auto Greasing System

Whether ground level or vertical, TechnipFMC’s Auto Greasing System eliminates costly manual greasing operations and red zone exposure, allows faster transition time between stages and takes greasing operations out of the critical path. This system is digital, scalable and can accommodate any shale pad configuration.

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Large Bore Check Valve

Focused on minimizing non-productive time and total cost of ownership on the frac pad, TechnipFMC's SuperFrac™ Large Bore Check Valve System has field-proven game-changing results. This modular, hydraulic fracturing check valve system has superior low-pressure sealing capabilities and is customizable to any frac pad.

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SuperFrac™ QuickSwap™

We are continuing to transform the energy industry with the next generation of the iComplete™ SuperFrac™, purpose-built for pump swaps with flexibles. The SuperFrac™ QuickSwap™ is a pre-rig-in system that eliminates the need for all lifting devices and is configurable to any pad design.

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SAFlex™ PumpFlex™

PumpFlex™ is the small bore size of our iComplete™ SAFlex™ onshore flexibles portfolio. Providing OEM high-pressure flexibles to the oil and gas industry since 1979, the iComplete™ SAFlex™ onshore flexibles enhance completion project economics. Abrasion and corrosion resistant, PumpFlex™ offers flexibility in rig ups, absorbs vibration and reduces head loss and turbulence.

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The CyberFrac™ system is a fully automated solution for controlling equipment operations during hydraulic fracturing. It enables well site managers and their teams to follow approved procedures and establish sitewide operational awareness through the Digital Handshake™ while reducing manual errors.

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From pump to casing, we offer the simplicity of one pad, one supplier and one invoice. We leverage flexible pipe, automation and advanced digital capabilities to deliver operational efficiency, compatibility and ease of use. With 80 percent fewer connections and 50 percent fewer parts on the frac site, our fully integrated iComplete™ system gets to first oil faster and lowers your costs by 30 percent.

Our fully integrated iComplete™ system leverages flexible pipe, automation and advanced digital technology to deliver greater operational efficiency. Increased uptime, lower NPT, remote operations, access to automation and real-time data logging are just a few of the benefits. Our cutting-edge technology delivers greater product performance with less maintenance, making fracking safer and cheaper.

Our iComplete™ system eliminates red zone intervention, delivering a more secure work environment that significantly reduces the chance of human error. We make your hydraulic fracturing safer, faster and smarter by enabling visual validation from a distance. Our simplified integrated system also promotes a healthier environment, reducing emissions through a 43 percent reduction in logistics.

We frac differently by utilizing digital automation within our iComplete™ system. We do this by offering digital automation services that will eliminate human intervention in the red zone. This makes fracking safer and more secure. Other benefits include data capture, remote operations and digital monitoring. Our advanced digital capabilities promote positive predictability and minimize complexities so you get to first oil up to 15 minutes faster per frac stage.