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Offshore floating renewables

Offshore floating renewables

Offshore expertise in a dynamic environment

By leveraging our extensive experience in project integration, TechnipFMC serves as the system architect for offshore wind, wave and tidal projects. Our track record in subsea, combined with our global footprint, enable us to bring scalability to offshore floating renewables projects. 

Floating offshore wind

With wind farms moving further offshore to satisfy the growing need for renewable power, there is much opportunity for TechnipFMC in this segment. Our background working in the harsh offshore environment and supplying dynamic systems to the oil and gas industry is directly transferable. This ability to deliver large-scale industrialized subsea projects as well as our manufacturing capacity is key.

Dynamic Inter Array Cable System

Our experience is front and center with the Dynamic Inter Array Cable System, which is the most effective solution for transferring power from a floating offshore wind farm to the onshore grid. It ensures reliable power by integrating dynamic and durable cables into a wider system that takes into account the difficulties of water depths not suitable for bottom fixed turbine installations.

Dynamic Inter Array Cable System

Wind, Wave and Tidal | Projects and partners

Magnora Offshore Wind, launched in March 2021, is our alliance with Norwegian renewables developer Magnora ASA that is focused on deepwater floating windfarms. These farms will increase generating capacity away from sea lanes and coastlines.

Magnora holds a strategic position in renewable energy as an owner in offshore wind, onshore wind, and solar development projects, and is a key enabler in solar energy technologies.

In January 2022, Magnora Offshore Wind was awarded an option for a 495 megawatt wind farm off the Western Isles in Scotland.

In November 2021, we announced a strategic investment in Orbital Marine Power to collaborate on the commercial roll-out of its tidal energy technology – the most powerful floating turbine in the world.

Tidal stream energy provides a reliable and consistent form of renewable energy that has the ability to make a cost-effective contribution to the energy transition.

Orbital’s unique floating turbine can harness underwater currents generated by tides, which are converted into electricity and exported to shore.

There is currently 1 gigawatt of consented tidal sites in the United Kingdom, where Orbital has been performing trials of its turbine.