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ROV systems

ROV systems

Deploying the most advanced work-class ROVs

Our ROVs are designed to minimize nonproductive time, with a range of features to ease operations, maintenance and repair activities through an intuitive design and build philosophy.

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Robotics HD ROV

Robotics UHD-II ROV

Robotics UHD-III ROV

Robotics ISOL-8 Pump


Our Schilling Robotics legacy brand entered the deepwater arena in 1985 offering manipulator systems followed by its first Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in 2000. Since then, our designs and concepts have been dedicated to improving reliability, maintainability and productivity.

Today, we deploy the world’s most advanced work-class ROVs and are a leading supplier of intervention systems to nearly every operator of subsea ROVs in the oil and gas industry.

  • The Heavy Duty (HD) 150hp ROV provides a range of capabilities from a multilevel platform for use in the drill support and IMR segments, the construction sector and the research, salvage and military support arenas.
  • The Ultra Heavy Duty (UHD-III) ROV is the ultimate heavy construction vehicle powered by a 250hp motor vehicle with 150hp auxiliary power to perform all subsea tasks through its software controlled ISOL-8 pump. The compact and powerful ISOL-8 pump can deliver more than 50 gpm at 5,000 psi for BOP intervention operations while in construction mode the ISOL-8 pump can be configured with single or duel fluid outputs.

Modular approach

Delivering intuitive maintenance solutions

Our modular approach to system design encompasses mechanical, electrical and hydraulic subsystems providing a robust and reliable ROV. This design philosophy supports intuitive system maintenance and comprehensive system diagnostics.

Our ROV systems support the pilot operator through high fidelity, automated control modes such as Intelligent Power Management, StationKeep™, AutoDisplacement™ and AutoTrack. These standard systems provide precision and stability for performing intricate subsea intervention tasks. These automated features enable ROV pilots to focus on complex operations while the ROV automatically compensates for high currents and low visibility.

Reliable, powerful, precise

Our robust and reliable work class ROVs offer many superior benefits to our clients.

Enhanced performance

  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Productivity

Robust precision

  • Advanced
  • Powerful
  • Accurate

Ease of control

  • Multi-level platform
  • Automated control modes
  • Reinforced stability
Model HD™ UHD-III™
Maximum Depth 4,000msw
5,000msw (Option)
Dimensions 2.9 x 1.7m x 1.9m 3.5m x 1.9m x 2.1m
HPU Power 150-hp 250-hp
Auxiliary Power 36-hp 150-hp
Lift Point SWL 6,700kg 9,000kg
Through-Frame Lift 3,000kg 3,500kg
Weight in Air 3,700kg 5,500kg
Payload 200kgf 450kgf
Thrusters (7) SA380 (7) SA420
Bollard Pull Fwd/ Lateral 900kgf 1,200kgf
Bollard Pull Up/ Down 850kgf 1,000kgf
Auxiliary Tooling Flow 72LPM at 207BAR 190LPM at 345BAR
Pan & Tilt (2) Electric
Includes manipulator auto follow
(2) Electric Includes manipulator auto follow
Schilling DTS™ Nodes (3) 16-channel (3) 16-channel
Manipulators Any Schilling Model Any Schilling Model
Valves (16) 8LPM
(2) 32LPM
(1) 160LPM
(14) 8LPM
(4) 32LPM
(2) 160LPM
Lighting 26VDC/120VAC 26VDC/120VAC


Our Heavy Duty (HD) ROV was a major step change in work class ROV design. We introduced a modular design whereby packages can be removed and replaced rapidly within 60 minutes. In addition to the ease of maintenance and repair, the modular design provides more inboard space for additional intervention tools and work packages.

The 150hp HD ROV is optimized for installation onboard drilling rigs and ROV support vessels where available deck space is limited. Combined with our electric TMS system, the standard model is capable of excursions of 425 meters, 850 meters or 1,500 meters.