Well Access Systems

Well access systems

Well access systems

Providing safe and reliable well access technology

Our well access systems product portfolio is based on qualified designs that meet the highest level specifications and industry requirements.

  • 20+ years in operations
  • 50+ open water systems
  • 150+ simplified landing strings
  • Up to 10,000 feet water depth

Completion Workover Riser

Riserless Light Well Intervention

Intervention Workover Control Systems

Landing String System

TechnipFMC provides safe and reliable well access technology and supports installation, commissioning and startup of subsea equipment, as well as intervention, decommissioning and plug and abandonment throughout the life of the field.

Our capabilities have evolved during the past 20 plus years to meet the demands and challenges that operators face during all phases of the life of the well. We offer rig and vessel-based systems.

The well access systems product portfolio is based on qualified designs that meet the highest level specifications and industry requirements of ISO13628-7 and API 17G. Each system uses a standard set of modular components that can operate across different interfaces to form a toolbox of solutions for complex operational problems.

Added value comes from a system-based, integrated approach to well integrity, and includes seasoned engineers and support team who work closely with clients to ensure the safe and efficient installation and intervention of subsea equipment.

Streamlining subsea projects

Offering rig and vessel based systems

TechnipFMC’s well access systems product portfolio offers rig and vessel-based systems. 

Our products meet the highest level specifications and industry requirements. Our full field installation, intervention and integrated life of field (iLOF™) services streamline subsea projects throughout the entire development process.

Benefitting clients with global rig and vessel based experience

TechnipFMC has supplied and operated more than 50 completion workover risers systems and over 580 wells with light well intervention services.

Operational benefits

  • Performs down to 3,000 meter / 10,000 feet water depth
  • Controls through direct hydraulic, electrohydraulic and electric systems
  • Accommodates dual bore and monobore interfaces
  • Interfaces with horizonal and vertical trees

Range of services

In-riser and open water well access systems that can be operated from:

  • Drilling rigs
  • Dynamically positioned vessels
  • Mono-hull vessels

Rig based systems

TechnipFMC’s rig-based systems employ a riser from the well to the rig deck for control and management of well fluids and tools.

Our completion workover riser (CWOR) is an open water system typically used for well completion and intervention activities.

Our simplified landing string (SLS) has a modular design that can be easily configured to fit any rig or blowout preventer.

Our landing string (LS) has the same functionality as a CWOR but is used within the drilling vessel marine riser system to interface with the subsea completion.

Vessel based systems

TechnipFMC’s vessel-based systems have no riser from the well to the vessel and use a subsea lubricator that houses the wireline tools used to perform intervention work within a producing well.

Our patented riserless light well intervention (RLWI) technology includes a lubricator system for inserting downhole tools into the wellbore under full pressure without allowing hydrocarbons to escape.

In addition to tree installation and intervention, we have experience providing open-water tree on wire installation, intervention workover control system (IWOCS) and support services.

Well access engineering

Our engineering services include

  • Interface responsibility at rig topside, including lifting and handling, hang off and running.
  • Global riser analysis, including global static loads on blowout preventer (BOP) connector.
  • Fatigue management, including integrity of installed equipment.
  • Hazard identification and management for emergency shutdown and quick disconnect.
  • Riser monitoring and management of vessel operating envelopes.
  • Life of field support engineering.