Production Control System 1540X470

Production control systems

Production control systems

Flexibility and accuracy at your fingertips

Our subsea control systems offer world-class reliability with improved modularity to boost efficiency, lower costs and maximize return of investment.

Reliability combined with accurate control and monitoring of subsea installations is essential to ensuring top productivity and safe and environmental operations. Our subsea control and automation systems are designed to meet the harshest subsea challenges and offer flexibility, expandability and upgradeability throughout the life of the field.

Improved modularity allows the same products to be used for all types of systems from simple on/off controls to complex methods that monitor and control subsea process plants and gas compression stations. 

Engineered with the life of the field in mind, our innovative solutions allow for in-field reconfiguration of interfaces and added functionality without retrieving equipment to the surface for modifications. Adaptations can be implemented after installation if field conditions or project needs change. And field expansions and functionality upgrades are capable during latter project phases.

Extensive instrumentation, data monitoring and high speed communication support remote production capability, condition monitoring and production optimization.

Engineered for the life of the field

Solutions to handle the harshest subsea challenges 

  • Improved modularity 
  • Extensive instrumentation
  • Data monitoring
  • High speed communication 
  • In-field reconfiguration 
  • Accurate controls 
  • Condition monitoring 
  • Remote production support 

Innovative control systems designed to lower costs, increase uptime and strengthen integrity of assets and processes;

  • Flexible
  • Expandable
  • Upgradeable
  • Efficient
  • Seamless
  • Consistent
  • Functional
  • Adaptable
  • Compatible

The 800 control system is a new generation of hardware and software designed to improve modularity and flexibility while strengthening standardization. This means more value for our clients.