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Rigid pipelines

Rigid pipelines

Advancing subsea architecture in the production and installation of rigid pipelines


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Rigid pipelines are a fundamental component of subsea architecture, forming the subsea highway that transport oilfield fluids between the wellhead to the processing facility. TechnipFMC procures, fabricates and installs rigid pipelines in all areas of the world and in water depths from tens to thousands of meters offshore.

Rigid pipelines can be made from carbon steel, corrosion resistant alloys or hybrid construction with a carbon steel parent pipe and internal corrosion resistant cladding or lining. The pipelines are coated for external corrosion protection and insulation. Demanding insulation needs are met using a double wall pipe-in-pipe construction with high performance insulation, which may include active heating.

Rigid pipelines range from small diameter 4-inch pipes for oilfield service fluids, to medium diameter 6-inch to 18-inch infield lines, to large diameter export trunk lines connecting offshore processing facilities to onshore receiving facilities.

We offer several rigid pipe products to meet the needs of operators who face a range of challenges from solving flow assurance issues to transporting highly corrosive fluids.

We are experts in the design, assembly and pipelay of reeled pipe‑in-pipe assemblies for static and dynamic riser applications.

Worldwide delivery of rigid pipelines

Offering a variety of subsea pipe

TechnipFMC procures, fabricates and installs a variety of rigid pipelines ranging in size and capabilities. We offer:

  • Reeled pipelines
  • Pipe-in-pipe technology
  • Electrically trace heated pipe-in-pipe
  • Reeled mechanically lined pipelines
  • Corrosion resistant pipelines
  • Insulated pipelines
  • Reeled plastic lined pipelines
Reeled Pipe

Advanced fleet of pipelay vessels

TechnipFMC clients benefit from one of the most advanced fleets of pipelay vessels in the industry. We specialize in the installation of rigid pipelines by reel-lay method, which is cost efficient and fast. Our capabilities include:

  • Subsea construction
  • Heavy lift operations for subsea infrastructure
  • Variety of Installation methods including reel-lay, flex-lay, J-lay and S-lay
  • Efficient and cost-saving installation techniques
  • Ability to operate in extreme conditions
  • Strategic operations from four spoolbases in the USA, UK, Norway and Angola

Electrically trace heated pip-in-pipe

We also specialize in the next generation of reeled pipe-in-pipe, Electrically Trace Heated Pipe-in-Pipe. The system combines the high passive insulation performance of a standard pipe-in-pipe process and the high heating efficiency of trace heating technology.