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Join our complimentary webinar series to hear the latest in Subsea Energy technology and services from our team of global experts. 

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TechnipFMC TechTalk is a quick, immersive 15-minute virtual event, led by our technical experts on topics such as transformative technologies, emissions reduction, schedule-accelerating services, and energy trends.

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Deep Arctic: An energy efficient vessel


Through digital platforms, we get required operational insight and energy consumption awareness, enabling us to identify and target efficiency gains. Battery hybrid upgrades can enable a step change in vessels efficiency and play a major part in TechnipFMC's emission reduction program.

Electrically Trace Heated Pipe in Pipe


An effective flow assurance method for long tie backs  is  Electrically Trace Heated Pipe in Pipe (ETH-PiP) technology. It allows the development of extremely long tie-backs with high efficiency, compact construction and low/medium voltage level of supply. This technology is seen as an enabler for significant CAPEX reduction via architecture simplification.

TechnipFMC: The Architect of Novel Energy


We believe that offshore will be the next frontier in the energy transition. As subsea pioneers, we're known for our ability to execute and integrate complex systems. This knowledge and experience allow us to be a key enabler for the offshore renewable industry.

OneFleet: A Global Fleet


With over 30 years of experience in marine operations, OneFleet provides a global integrated service, bringing value to our clients by delivering reliable assets, people, equipment and expertise.  Learn more about our portfolio of vessels, and how they enhance the performance of the world's energy industry with tailored, cutting edge solutions and a strong focus on safety, standardization, carbon reduction and digitalization.

Deep Purple™


Deep Purple integrates offshore renewable power and offshore green hydrogen production, storage and distribution, providing end users with stable power supply.

Subsea Studio™ LOF: Digital solutions


Through our portfolio of digital solutions we can pivot to digitally enabled operations and advanced data-driven services, providing immediate access to relevant information that improves efficiency and quality of decisions and planning throughout the Life of Field.

Setting Standards: Systems Approach


Guidelines, and recommended practices were developed as a foundation for a safe and reliable energy industry. Understand how subsea projects, equipment, and the engineers balance and apply the standards to meet project requirements today and tomorrow. This TechTalk is the last of three sessions to help simplify the relationship between the authorities, operators, and standards.

EHXT: 20 years of innovation and reliability


In the 1990s, TechnipFMC designed our first horizontal subsea tree, which became well established in the market. As the years passed and the market shifted to deeper water developments, there was a need to design a next generation horizontal tree to address some of the challenges associated with the change in field environments.

Evolution: Cabled Subsea Infrastructure


Umbilicals can be considered the life line of a subsea field. Understand the importance of the umbilical system, explore the evolution through present day including electrification and subsea power. We will also share our 40+ year track record and unique project experiences.

Setting Standards: connecting the dots


Regulations, Standards, Guidelines, and recommended practices were developed as a foundation for a safe and reliable energy industry. Dive into how these standards breakdown to the system level and how important collaboration is in the creation and maintaining. This TechTalk is the second of three sessions to help simplify the relationship between the authorities, operators, and standards.

Electrification of the field


TechnipFMC has been offering electric subsea products for over 20 years. Explore our history, the evolution of our electric systems, and how electrification of the subsea field is an enabler for automation.



The GEMINI® ROV system is the next generation of advanced 250 hp Work Class ROV system providing unprecedented subsea productivity. The integration of ROV, manipulators and tooling enables a transition to highly-automated subsea robotics, which reduces task time from hours to minutes, ensuring predictable results every time.

Subsea Power Distribution Station


Our new Subsea Power Distribution Station, winner of a 2020 Spotlight on New Technology Award at OTC Houston and Best EOR Technology category at the World Oil Awards, simplifies field installation, step-out wells and field expansions, clearing the path for maximized reservoir recovery.  

Subsea Studio


Subsea Studio™ FD is an advanced digital platform that streamlines subsea field development by integrating TechnipFMC know-how to build smarter solutions. Discover how we use it to transform conventional concept, FEED and tender into ultra-fast digital field development.

Setting Standards: In the beginning


Regulations, Standards, Guidelines, and recommended practices were developed as a foundation for a safe and reliable energy industry. But with all the global governing bodies and documents who is required to do what? This TechTalk is one of three sessions to help simplify the relationship between the authorities, operators, and standards.

Big Bore Gas Field Production


A primer on the differences between oil and gas fields that draws upon our experiences at Ormen Lange, Laggan-Tormore and Greater Western Flank. This session also discusses the technology necessary to meet the challenges associated with large bore gas fields.

Life of a Subsea Field


Learn more about the technologies and processes used to develop subsea fields around the world.

HPHT Environments: 20K and Counting


Our experts will guide you through the technology used in some of the world's most challenging environments: High-Pressure/High-Temperature subsea fields.



Improving Project Economics Through Our Integrated Approach: Receive an introduction to iEPCI™, the industry's first integrated approach to project execution. 

Riserless Light Well Intervention


Reducing Costs: Learn about Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI), a safe, efficient, and cost-effective intervention method for subsea fields.

Well Control Solutions


Industry-Leading Subsea Systems: With more than 40 years of experience and a record-setting subsea completion, our experts will walk you through the foundations of well control and subsea systems.

Empowering Offshore Energy


We are capitalizing on our core competencies, along with our knowledge and passion to decarbonize offshore energy production. Our vision is to transform subsea by safely providing innovative solutions that improve economics, enhance performance, and reduce emissions.