Purchase Requirements

Supplier may accept this Purchase Order (the “PO”) by system confirmation or by written confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed by Purchaser, such confirmation must occur within three business days of PO issuance.

Purchaser will specify in the PO the terms and conditions that apply to it (the “POTC”). If terms are not specified, the POTC are TechnipFMC’s General Terms & Conditions for Goods & Ancillary Services (GTF-GPS-COR-15014-01). These terms and conditions, or such other TechnipFMC standard Purchasing Terms that may instead apply, are accessible at the links below. Supplier’s acceptance of the PO constitutes unqualified acceptance of the POTC.

The POTC are the only terms and conditions that apply to the PO. Purchaser disclaims and, by virtue of acceptance of the PO, Supplier withdraws any other terms and conditions, including those submitted by Supplier in any proposal or acknowledgement.

Public Announcements

All public mentions of TechnipFMC and/or the PO (whether by press release, interview, or other public statement) require prior written approval from any of the listed Media Resources on the TechnipFMC Corporate Communications website. Suppliers cannot use TechnipFMC name, logos, trademarks, trade dress, other identifying mark, or endorsement on any sales, marketing, promotional, advertising, or publicity activities, materials or presentations, or external communications channel without prior written authorization from TechnipFMC.

Approval requests must be written in English and sent to TechnipFMC Corporate Communications at least one week before distribution for appropriate review and approval. Unapproved requests may not be published. Approved news releases may in no case contain the contract value or imply that TechnipFMC endorses Supplier.

Requirement Documents

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Supplier shall execute this PO in accordance with the revision of the requirement documents applicable at the date of PO acceptance.

Purchasing Terms

General Terms & Conditions for Goods & Ancillary Services Rev. 3 (GTF-GPS-COR-15014-01)

General Terms & Conditions for General Services & Ancillary Goods Rev. 1 (GTF-GPS-COR-15014-04)

General Terms & Conditions for Engineering & Consulting Services Rev. 1 (GTF-GPS-COR-15014-05)

General Terms & Conditions for Hire of Goods & Services Rev. 0 (GTF-GPS-COR-15014-08)

General Terms & Conditions for Provision of Subcontract Services Rev. 0 (GTF-15-0009)

Administration Requirements
HSE Management Rev. 00 (GTF-GPS-COR-21024-01)

Quality Management

GSD-21-0004 Rev. 0 for Direct SAP / Ariba issued POs
GSD-21-0006 Rev. 0 for Direct non-SAP / Ariba issued POs

Document Management Rev. 0 (GSD-21-0009)

Transport Management Rev. 1 (GSD-21-0010)

Invoice Management Rev. 0 (GSD-21-0011)

Coordination and Reporting Rev. 01 (PRD-0000035683)

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