Purchase Requirements

The Purchase Order shall be accepted by Supplier, either by system confirmation or written confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed with TechnipFMC, such confirmation shall occur within three (3) Business Days.

By acceptance of the Purchase Order, Supplier commits to deliver Deliverables and/or Services in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the Agreement.The Purchase Order is comprised by the provisions in;
(i) Special Conditions, when referenced and attached in the Purchase Order
(ii) Unless superseded by any other Purchasing Terms, modified or amended, and referenced in the Purchase Order, Global Purchasing Terms for Goods and Services, PRD-0000030203 rev. C
(iii) Scope of Work and/or technical specifications and documentation attached to or included in the Purchase Order, or specifications and documentation referenced in the Agreement
(iv) Agreement Price and other compensation details attached to or included in the Purchase Order
(v) Agreement Schedule and/or Agreement milestone Delivery Date(s) attached to or included in the Purchase Order
(vi) Administration Requirements, as applicable, and as further described and provided below.

No modification of, or amendment to, the Purchase Order shall be binding for TechnipFMC, unless agreed to in writing and specifically labeled as a modification or amendment. The terms and conditions of the Purchase Order shall be the only terms and conditions applicable hereto, and TechnipFMC hereby rejects any terms and conditions submitted by Supplier in any proposal or acknowledgement not modified or amended as specified above.

Public Announcements

All public mentions of TechnipFMC and/or the Purchase Order (whether it be press release, interviews or other public statement) require prior written approval from any of the listed Media Resources on the TechnipFMC Corporate Communications website. Suppliers cannot use TechnipFMC name, logos, trademarks, trade dress, other identifying mark, or endorsement on any sales, marketing, promotional, advertising, or publicity activities, materials or presentations, or external communications channel without prior written authorization from TechnipFMC.

Requests for approval must be written in English and sent to TechnipFMC Corporate Communications minimum one (1) week before distribution to allow for appropriate review and approval. Requests that do not receive approval shall not be published. News releases shall not contain contract value or imply TechnipFMC's endorsement of Supplier.

Requirement Documents

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Supplier shall deliver in accordance with the revision of the requirement documents applicable at the date of Purchase Order acceptance.

Purchasing Terms

Global Purchasing Terms for Goods and Services
English version

Portuguese version

French version

Spanish version

Administration Requirements
HSE Management
Quality Management

Document Management, Subsea

Transport Management

Invoice Management
Coordination and Reporting