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Pre-boarding: from yes to best

Pre-boarding: from yes to best

Welcome to TechnipFMC. We are so happy you are joining us. You will play a significant daily role in ensuring the continued success of our company.

It’s now time to share with us some feedback on your recruitment experience, please click here. As we value Building Trust in all that we do, this survey is anonymous and therefore your privacy is fully protected. It takes 5 minutes to complete and the feedback shared is consolidated with results from around the globe. Feedback is a vital part of our culture, which helps us to improve and strengthen our practices. In this instance, with the goal of enhancing the recruitment experience for future colleagues!

Your Onboarding

When you join us you will go through Induction Day where you will be introduced to TechnipFMC and meet your fellow New Joiners. Your Line Manager will work with you on a plan to support your development needs to your new role. You will be assigned a buddy that can introduce you to your colleagues and help you settle in. After 90 days you will be asked to give your feedback about your onboarding and give general comments through an anonymous survey.

Our Core Values

Our three core values  are -  Realizing possibilities, Achieving together and Building trust. Our foundational beliefs are– Safety, Integrity, Quality, Respect and Sustainability. In everything we do we never compromise on these foundational beliefs. The Code of Business Conduct is what we live by.  

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The TechnipFMC brand: Driving the change our industry needs

Our brand is the way we communicate who we are, what we do and our ambitions for the future.

Our vision: To enhance the performance of the world’s energy industry.

Our purpose: Bringing together the scope, know-how and determination
to transform our clients’ project economics.

Our commitment to safety and quality

We cultivate a climate of safety and quality by exemplifying outstanding behavior.

With our key initiatives we promote Safety and Quality in everything that we do; from the smallest task to the riskiest task.

Safety and Quality are two of our foundational beliefs and reflects how we fundamentally do business and what we never compromise on, no matter the circumstances. Read more here.

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ESG refers to Environmental, Social and Governance. Our Company's ESG objectives derive from the aspirations of our Foundational Belief in Sustainability – we act responsibly, always considering our impact on the planet, people, and communities where we live and work. Each of these three pillars of ESG support us in being a responsible corporate citizen. The sustainable and inclusive commitments we make under each pillar at our three-year scorecard are what drive change.

What we do

TechnipFMC is a leading technology provider to the traditional and new energies industry; delivering fully integrated projects, products, and services. We operate in 41 countries and our employees come from 102 nationalities. Read more on

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Sustainability is what we are doing to leave a lasting impression inside our company, our industry and the communities in which we work."

Douglas J. Pferdehirt –Chairman and Chief Executive Officer