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Pre-boarding: from yes to best

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Pre-boarding: from yes to best

Welcome to TechnipFMC. We are so happy you are joining us. You will play a role in ensuring the continued success of our company. Please find key topics covered below where you can read more about your new employer. Reach out to your contact person at TechnipFMC for any questions. 

Your Onboarding

When you join us you will go through Induction Day where you will be introduced to TechnipFMC and meet your fellow New Joiners. Your Line Manager will work with you on a 90 Day Roadmap that will help you during your first 90 days with us. You will be assigned a buddy that can introduce you to your colleagues and help you settle in. After 90 days you will be asked to give your feedback about your onboarding and give general comments through an anonymous survey.

Our Core Values

Our three core values  are -  Realizing possibilities, Achieving together and Building trust. Our foundational beliefs are– Safety, Integrity, Quality, Respect and Sustainability. In everything we do we never compromise on these foundational beliefs. The Code of Business Conduct is what we live by.  

The TechnipFMC brand: Driving the change our industry needs

Our brand is the way we communicate who we are, what we do and our ambitions for the future.

Our vision: To enhance the performance of the world’s energy industry.

Our purpose: Bringing together the scope, know-how and determination
to transform our clients’ project economics.

Learn more about how we represent TechnipFMC in everything that we do in our Brand Book.

Commitment to safety and quality

We cultivate a climate of safety and quality by exemplifying outstanding behavior. With our key initiatives we promote Safety and Quality in everything that we do; from the smallest task to the riskiest task. Safety and Quality are two of our foundational beliefs and reflects how we fundamentally do business and what we never compromise on, no matter the circumstances. Read more here.


Our Corporate Sustainability approach was launched in 2018 with a three year roadmap and targets set for 2020. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and it is so important for us as a company to act responsibly in everything we do. TechnipFMC is committed to have a lasting, positive impact on our planet, our people and the communities in which we live and operate in. Our focus is on three key pillars of Supporting communities, Advancing Gender Diversity and Respecting the Environment. This will allow TechnipFMC to have the greatest impact. We have set key and measurable targets for each of our three pillars and have developed a clear and measurable roadmap that shows in detail our road to success with our current sustainability initiatives. Learn more about our Sustainability efforts by going to: Technipfmc.com.


What we do

We are a global leader in oil and gas projects, technologies, systems, and services and provide our clients deep expertise across subsea, onshore/offshore and surface projects. We operate in 48 countries and our employees come from 126 Nationalities. Read more on TechnipFMC.com.


With TechnipFMC, live inspiring experiences.

Your new colleagues are sharing their Inspiring Experience at TechnipFMC working on breakthrough projects in a global work environment. See their stories on our Career Page.
Doug Pferdehirt

Sustainability is what we are doing to leave a lasting impression inside our company, our industry and the communities in which we work.''

Douglas J. Pferdehirt – Chief Executive Officer

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Apr 12

Crews from our #DeepOrient and #Wellservicer vessels have together <a href="https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/donated" target="_blank">#donated</a> a total of £12,162.82 to the Charlie & Carter Foundation, which provides support to the parents of seriously ill children with life-limiting conditions. The donations came from the vessel’s welfare funds which are awarded to the crews for good performance and safe operations.  The contributions will go towards helping the UK based foundation take financial pressures away from 4 families so they can focus on caring for and spending precious time with their child.