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News | May 13 2020

TechnipFMC’s Badger Licensing offers innovative process to produce antiseptic

TechnipFMC’s Badger Licensing LLC, a leading provider of phenolic and aromatic technologies, offers a patented process to produce isopropyl alcohol (IPA) from acetone. IPA has virucidal and bactericidal properties, which make it an effective antiseptic.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, global demand for hand sanitizers and disinfectants has surged. Badger’s IPA technology allows acetone producers to shift their production to meet this need. 

The Badger IPA technology ensures economical operational and investment costs with high product reliability. IPA has many uses: in addition to being used as an antiseptic fluid, it is used for printing, cleaning, as a solvent, as a drying agent, as well as a fuel additive among other applications.

Catherine MacGregor, President Technip Energies, commented: “Our innovative IPA process not only addresses an urgent global need, but its flexibility also provides the option to integrate the production and purification of IPA with our process for converting acetone to cumene (ATC), enabling phenol producers to balance solvent production.” 

Badger is part of Technip Energies Process Technology activity and its IPA technology was patented in 2017. 


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