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Press Release

Technip awarded contract for a hydrogen plant in Romania

May 07, 2008

Paris, May 7, 2008


Technip has been awarded by Rominserv and Rompetrol Rafinare (both members of The Rompetrol Group), a lumpsum contract, worth approximately €40 million, for a hydrogen plant to be constructed at the Petromidia Refinery in Constanţa, Romania.

Based on Technip's proprietary technology, the plant will have a capacity of 40,000 normal m3/hour of 99.98% purity hydrogen, and will also deliver approximately 40 tons/hour high pressure steam.

Technip’s operating center in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, will execute the contract, which covers licensing and basic design, detailed engineering, procurement and supply of main equipment and materials. Technip will also provide operator training and technical assistance during construction, commissioning and start-up. Rominserv (general contractor of The Rompetrol Group) will procure the remainder of the equipment and materials, and carry out the construction of the plant.

The plant, which represents an overall investment of approximately €65 million, is scheduled to be completed in 2010. It is part of a major investment program to increase the Petromidia Refinery’s hydrofining capacity, to bring product qualities exclusively to Euro 5 standards, and to increase processing capacity to 5 million tons per year.

With more than 230 successfully delivered units, Technip is consistently recognized as the market leader in the hydrogen field.

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