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Responsible global citizens

As a responsible global citizen, sustainability is at the center of everything we do. We will always prioritize the protection of the planet by constantly seeking and implementing sustainable solutions. 

We support our employees and the communities we serve by driving workplace gender diversity, nurturing local economies and fostering long-term, positive and enduring social impacts.

Sustainability is one of our foundational beliefs and a cornerstone of our core values. It reflects how we do business and is something we’ll never compromise on. We act responsibly and always consider our impact on the planet, people and communities. Our sustainability commitment is to promote a continuous, positive and responsible contribution for all.

Doug Pferdehirt

Sustainability is what we are doing to leave a lasting impression inside our company, our industry and the communities in which we work.''

Douglas J. Pferdehirt – Chief Executive Officer

Discover more about our three pillars:

Supporting Communities

supporting communities

Advancing Gender Diversity 

Advancing gender diversity

Respecting the Environment

Respecting the environment

Through our sustainability roadmap, we act responsibly with clear and measurable indicators for each of the three pillars, while bringing together the scope, know-how and determination to drive positive change in our industry and contribute to a better future.