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News | November 16 2021

TechnipFMC presents New Energy Ventures: diversifying beyond oil and gas

TechnipFMC is growing its contribution to Net Zero as a key architect and integrator for the offshore renewables industry through the establishment of New Energy Ventures.

Since its creation in 2017, TechnipFMC has pursued innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the conventional energy industry, while exploring ways to leverage its core competencies and existing technologies to drive the energy transition.

Leveraging its subsea and surface expertise and technologies, as well as its capabilities in project integration, New Energy Ventures will primarily focus on three main pillars:

Greenhouse gas removal – representing CO2 transportation and storage.

Offshore floating renewables –focusing on wind, wave and tidal technologies.

Hydrogen – promoting better energy management and efficiency through the company’s offerings and digital solutions.

And just as TechnipFMC’s integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (iEPCI™) model revolutionized the subsea industry, New Energy Ventures will employ a similar execution model. Named integrated Offshore Novel Energies (iONE™), it will be built on the same kind of close collaboration with clients that distinguishes iEPCI™. Through iONE™ and our portfolio of differentiated solutions, we will be able to offer clients combinations of two or more energy sources to maximize energy generation and efficiency of the overall system.

“A realistic path to net zero can only be achieved with close collaboration between consumers, governments and businesses. And innovation, integration and collaboration are what we do as TechnipFMC,” said Luana Duffé, Executive Vice President of New Energy Ventures. “We will need to develop new technologies and solutions faster than ever before, and the ocean will remain a key part of the equation. TechnipFMC is ready and fully committed to playing a meaningful role to make that happen. We will continue to drive real change in the industry, and in the energy transition.”

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