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News | June 16 2021

Singapore site switches on solar cells to supply sustainable power

The roofs of TechnipFMC’s facility in Singapore glimmer in the sunlight as more than 6000 newly fitted solar cells soak up renewable energy.

Hussin Rahmat, Health, Safety, Environment and Security Supervisor at TechnipFMC Singapore, said, “One of the biggest pieces of real estate that we have, and one that was severely underutilized, is our roof. With that much area up there, we realized we could use it to harness the power of the sun.”

Panels now cover the tops of the two largest buildings on the site, which manufactures equipment and parts used by the company’s Subsea and Surface Technology business segments. The solar cells – all 6,149 of them – will supply 30 percent of the electrical power used at the site.

It took seven months to install all of the panels, which will generate more than 2,945,000 kWh of electricity each year, and reduce CO2 equivalent emissions by 1,260 tons each year.

TechnipFMC’s ESG strategy commits the company to reducing its emissions by 50 percent by 2030.

Graham Horn, Senior Vice President Surface Product Management, said, “We all know the importance of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions for our planet. It’s up to us all to take action, and every small action is important. We are going to continue to seek creative ways to reduce our electricity consumption and to reduce our waste. This is one step on the journey we need to take to limit the effects of climate change.”

The team in Singapore is already exploring other ways to reduce its electricity use. Already, 80 percent of the shopfloor lighting has been replaced with lower energy LED bulbs, and company cars are being switched to hybrid or all-electric vehicles. Switching to more sustainable air conditioning systems is also being explored.