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News | July 17 2019

TechnipFMC Makes Long-Term Lease Commitment for its New Campus in Paris

TechnipFMC is preparing for the relocation of its Parisian teams early 2021 in a brand new building currently under construction, for a 9 years and quarter lease and associated costs totaling over euros 300 million over the period. Located in Nanterre in the new district of la Défense, this Campus will be one of its two operational headquarters, the other one being based in Houston.

TechnipFMC's future campus is a flagship for its Parisian teams as well as a strategic project for the company. This building is innovative as much in its architectural and interior design, as for the selection of its materials, combing wood and concrete. Our project team is associating our employees to contribute to create a collaborative environment which embodies TechnipFMC’s values, brand and skills. The building is notably remarkable for its bioclimatic architecture with ambitious environmental certifications, reflecting our engagements in the field of sustainability - a more attractive building for our clients and our talents.

Doug Pferdehirt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated: "TechnipFMC Paris Campus represents for us a unique opportunity to strengthen our presence in Paris and in France, through building a remarkable working place which embodies our values of innovation, of sustainability and of performance. Our teams are developing in Paris a working place which is adapted to our new needs and to our new ways of working. This project is a unique opportunity to have a more innovative building, with cutting-edge technology, ergonomy and services, in order to foster our well-being and performance".

Icade, owner and investor of the real estate complex, has entrusted the design of this iconic project to two architects Maud Caubet and Donatienne Jannel from the Quadrifiore agency, and to Bateg, a subsidiary of Vinci Construction, as a general contractor, to carry out its works.


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TechnipFMC is a global leader in subsea, onshore/offshore, and surface projects. With our proprietary technologies and production systems, integrated expertise, and comprehensive solutions, we are transforming our clients’ project economics. 

We are uniquely positioned to deliver greater efficiency across project lifecycles from concept to project delivery and beyond. Through innovative technologies and improved efficiencies, our offering unlocks new possibilities for our clients in developing their oil and gas resources. 

Each of our more than 37,000 employees is driven by a steady commitment to clients and a culture of purposeful innovation, challenging industry conventions, and rethinking how the best results are achieved. 

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Sophie Lambert, Project Communication Manager
Mobile phone : +336 1306 3779

Photo caption (from left to right): Christophe Bélorgeot, SVP Corporate Engagement; Frédérique Lemoigne, Real Estate Project Manager; Doug Pferdehirt, CEO; Nello Uccelletti, President Onshore/Offshore; Agnieszka Kmieciak, EVP People & Culture and Catherine MacGregor, President New Ventures