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News | November 07 2018

Celebrating 10-Years of Reliability of our EVDT

Mid-October 2018, our EVDT has reached a milestone 10-years since its first installation in 2008 in the Ostra/P1P Well. Since then we have installed over 130 EVDTs worldwide establishing over 4,000,000 operating hours equating to nearly 500 years in the field.

Evolving and enabling future technology

Our EVDT brought together the benefits of both the vertical and horizontal subsea tree technologies to solve the industry needs at the time. The systems core components and reliability have enabled it to evolve to continue to meet industry demands with increased temperature and pressure ratings up to 15k and 400F.

We have continued to invest in the EVDTs evolution. Based on a decade of field experience along with customer demands for simpler, lower cost solutions, we have redesigned the product for today’s market. The 2.0 EVDT enhancements include:

  • Improved manufacturability based on a simplified, modular design composed of standard core components that can be configured to meet customer specifications
  • Up to 50% reduction in size, weight, and part count with no compromise in functionality
  • When combined, Subsea 2.0™ and iEPCI™ improve operators project economics and help unlock first oil and gas faster.

Award winning technology

Our EVDT has won numerous prestigious industry awards including:

  • Finalist for ASME BMEA 2017: part of the nomination (entire system was nominated)
    Recognizes a product, device, or system displayed at the OTC Conference, which best reflects innovation and/or practical use of mechanical engineering in solving problems, improving design or maximizing performance
  • World Oil Award 2011: Best Deepwater Technology Award
    Award recognizes significant technology innovation in deepwater drilling, completions or production
  • OTC Houston 2008: Spotlight on New Technology
    Latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future