Welcome change

Welcome Subsea 2.0™

There is a need for sustainable improvements in the way subsea projects are delivered.

This requires fundamental changes to the way we design, manage and execute.

Now, real change is here.

We're transforming subsea

iEPCI™, our powerful integrated approach to field architecture and project execution, transforms subsea from concept to project delivery and beyond. Our value proposition builds on early involvement and integrated solutions enabling streamlined project execution.

Now, we've gone one step further

We assembled an expert team to rethink how subsea production could be even more efficient. The result is Subsea 2.0™ — a revolutionary product platform that integrates seamlessly with iEPCI™.

Subsea 2.0™ at a glance

The products have been designed by combining both field-proven and new technologies. The products are smaller, lighter and use fewer parts than previous generations. The product platform is built using standardized components configured in a modular architecture.

Delivering unique benefits

  • Reduced complexity of concept and product design
  • More efficient project delivery from engineering to installation
  • Optimized product performance and reduced costs beyond installation

Core Subsea 2.0™ products

Compact trees

Compact manifolds

Flexible jumpers



Integrated connectors

Our Subsea 2.0™ product platform makes subsea projects

simpler, leaner and smarter

Helping to...

Improve project economics

  • Dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Improved reliability, flexibility and availability over the life of the field

Unlock first oil and gas faster

  • Significant reduction in hardware delivery time decreases total project execution schedules


Product and field design

Smaller, lighter products designed with fewer parts but with the same or greater functionality

Standardized components


weight and size

Early involvement in front-end design



Project execution

Standardized/modular products for greater automation in manufacturing and reduced engineering hours

Reduced engineering hours required

Significant reduction in lead time


in manual activities




Optimized product performance for installation and functionality

Optimized field performance

Dramatic reduction in costs

Lowest total cost of ownership


Product platform

Explore our Subsea 2.0 field

When combined with iEPCI™, our powerful integrated approach to field architecture and project execution, Subsea 2.0 improves project economics and unlocks first oil and gas faster

Compact tree

Compact Tree

Reduced size and weight with equal functionality

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Compact manifold

Compact Manifold

Reduced size and weight enables faster delivery

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Flexible jumpers

Flexible Jumpers

Improved material flexibility enables more installation methods

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Inline design enables installation with umbilicals

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Decreased size and weight helps to reduce delivery time

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Integrated connector

Integrated Connector

Reduced size and weight helps simplify interfaces

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