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News | December 20 2019

TechnipFMC Contributed to Release Guidance Notes to Address Worker Welfare and Human Rights

TechnipFMC has recently joined Building Responsibly (BR) – a coalition of leading engineering and construction companies working together to raise the bar in promoting the rights and welfare of workers across the industry.

Building Responsibly released a series of Guidance Notes, which were built on the Worker Welfare Principles launched by the collaboration in June 2018 and which have been informed by multiple consultations with external stakeholders. 

The Guidance Notes outline some of the key challenges around each Principle and provide a list of good practices for companies to consider when addressing the challenges. The Principles and  accompanying Guidance Notes series constitute the first major effort by engineering and construction companies to establish a common, global baseline for the treatment of workers within the industry. 

Building Responsibly’s Worker Welfare Principles were co-developed by the group’s member companies, employing a total workforce of over 500,000 in more than 100 countries.  

Each Guidance Note corresponds with one of the 10 Principles, providing practical advice on implementation:
1. Workers Are Treated with Dignity, Respect, and Fairness 
2. Workers Are Free from Forced, Trafficked, and Child Labor 
3. Working Conditions Are Safe and Healthy  
4. Living Conditions Are Safe, Clean and Habitable 
5. Recruitment Practices Are Ethical, Legal, Voluntary, and Free from Discrimination  
6. Access to Documentation and Mobility Is Not Restricted  
7. Freedom to Change Employment Is Respected 
8. Wage and Benefit Agreements Are Respected  
9. Worker Representation Is Not Infringed 
10. Grievance Mechanisms Are Readily Available 

As member of Building Responsibly, TechnipFMC contributed to the drafting of the Guidance Notes in collaboration with the other members and based on the processes and practices they have in place.

In an effort to address human rights and worker welfare in the E&C industry, TechnipFMC will continue to embed these Guidance Notes into their enterprise practices with the mission of reducing human rights risks internally and in their supply chain, and enhancing worker welfare.

To learn more about Building Responsibly’s Guidances notes, please visit:


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