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News | June 11 2019

Remanufacturing value with Revolve™

In April 2019, TechnipFMC transformed its flow measurement remanufacturing equipment business. The result is Revolve™, an accurate and reliable program that offers remanufactured solutions for global upstream, midstream and downstream measurement applications.

This drive for change stems from our knowledge that sustainable maintenance costs, operational efficiency and minimized downtime, while never compromising safety, are crucial to our clients’ success. Revolve™ creates value from used, damaged or obsolete equipment by providing a new lease on life.

TechnipFMC has been remanufacturing measurement equipment for many years and has developed industry leading practices along the way. Through our transformation, Revolve™ features more product options, available inventory and improved delivery.

With Revolve™, we are changing the common misperception that remanufactured equipment is used, rebuilt or inferior in quality. Revolve’s™ remanufacturing processes feature full disassembly and thorough analysis of components; immediate replacement of noncore components; and a remanufactured new specification that has the backing of a new product warranty.

The Revolve™ program sets us apart from the competition by enabling us to remanufacture used or damaged equipment to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Our offer comes with a guarantee that we will deliver top rated remanufactured equipment of the highest quality in the fastest turnaround time possible, a promise unsurpassed in the industry.

“The first thing that people think is that remanufactured equipment is a low-quality alternative,” TechnipFMC Aftermarket Manager Mark Peirsel says. “It is a low-cost alternative, but when held to factory standards and backed with a warranty our products are never low quality. In fact, the Revolve™ program offers exceptional value to clients especially when coupled with a buyback or core credit exchange.”

Supervisor Jeff Pettis says Revolve’s™ remanufactured equipment is sourced through programs that create value from used, damaged or obsolete equipment.

“Core products are disassembled to individual components,” Pettis says. “After a thorough inspection, parts are reworked as needed. Those that cannot be salvaged or do not meet our strict quality standards are always replaced.”

We manufacture several API-approved custody dynamic transfer metering technologies and electronics, including Flow Computers, Ultrasonic Meters, Turbine and Positive Displacement (PD) meters and a wide range of auxiliary equipment.

Revolve™ remanufacturing operations are based in TechnipFMC Measurement Solutions’ facility in Erie, Pa. We will soon be expanding globally to new manufacturing and test facilities to increase our global footprint across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

TechnipFMC’s superior and reliable measurement solutions make the daily routine of hydrocarbon and petroleum product transportation and delivery faster, safer and more economical. Our highly valued Smith Meter® product line sets the standard for petroleum supply chain management.