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Press Release

Technip awarded contract for new 500 KTA ethylbenzene styrene monomer plant in China

February 03, 2015

Leveraging its leading petrochemical technologies and experience

Technip was awarded a contract by Qingdao Soda Ash Industrial New Material & Technology Company to provide the technology, engineering(1), selected critical equipment and technical services for a 500 KTA(2) ethylbenzene styrene monomer (EBSM) plant to be located in Dongjiakou Port Industrial Zone Park, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China. The plant’s products will be used for manufacturing a broad range of plastics.

Technip’s operating center in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, will execute the project.
The technology for the plant will be provided through an agreement with Badger Licensing LLC(3).

Stan Knez, Senior Vice President, Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, commented: "This project will be one of the largest EBSM plants in China, and the second 500 KTA EBSM plant in China utilizing Badger’s technology. Badger’s superior technology, coupled with Technip’s reputation, experience and competitive offering were key factors in this award. "

With a closely integrated technology and project delivery organization, Technip is widening its portfolio of leading onshore solutions.

Fast facts

  • Styrene monomer, with a worldwide capacity of over 30 million metric tons per annum, is a precursor to the production of a variety of polymer derivatives, including polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and styrene butadiene rubber (SBR).
  • Badger’s ethylbenzene and styrene technologies have been licensed more than 30 and 50 times, respectively, for plants around the world.