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Press Release

Technip awarded contract for a new biodiesel unit in France

April 29, 2006

Paris, April 29, 2006

Technip has been awarded by Diester Industrie a turnkey contract for a new biodiesel (*) unit, based on the Axens process, to be built in Montoir-de-Bretagne, near Saint Nazaire, France.

The background of this project is the program set up by the French authorities for the development of biofuels, intended to reduce transportation-related air pollution and the dependence on imported energy.

This new unit, with a future capacity of 250,000 t/y, will start-up in the spring of 2007.

This project marks a new step in the collaboration between Technip and Diester Industrie, the pioneer and leader in France for the production of Diester: in 1995, Technip built a unit in Rouen, France and is currently carrying out the construction of two other units in Sète and Compiègne, France.

(*) Biodiesel or Diester, obtained by the transesterification of vegetable oils (sunflower or colza oils), is used in a mixture with diesel oil for diesel engines. Transesterification is a chemical reaction during which a fat or oil is reacted with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. Biodiesel is a biofuel that represents a clean and renewable energy.

A diagram illustrating the manufacture of biofuels is available upon request.


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