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Press Release

Technip and Geogreen announce carbon capture and storage agreement

August 01, 2008

Paris, August 1, 2008


Technip and Geogreen have signed a non-exclusive agreement that will allow the two companies to offer clients studies for integrated solutions for the entire carbon (CO2) capture, transport and storage chain.

This partnership teams Technip’s know-how in CO2 capture, transport and gas compression for injection into underground structures, with Geogreen’s expertise in CO2 transport and geological storage. It strengthens the positions of both companies on this high-potential market. CO2 capture and storage technologies can be applied in many of Technip’s sectors of activity including oil field developments, hydrogen production units and treatment of natural gas.

The capture and storage of CO2 is a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from industrial installations in response to global warming. This partnership agreement is testimony to Technip and Geogreen’s commitment to making an active contribution to the emergence of new technologies to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

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