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Combined Annual General Meeting of April 24, 2014 Summary

April 24, 2014

Technip’s shareholders met today for the Group’s 2014 Combined Annual General Meeting and approved the following decisions:

- Technip’s statutory and consolidated financial statements for the full year 2013,

- allocation of 2013 earnings with a cash dividend of €1.85 per share to be paid on May 7, 2014,

- authorization for the Board of Directors to repurchase Company shares within a maximum limit of 8% of the share capital,

- authorization for the Board of Directors to increase the share capital with and without preferential subscription rights,

- authorization for the Board of Directors to allocate performance shares (up to a limit of 0.3% of the share capital) and to grant stock options for the purchase or subscription of shares (up to a limit of 0.5% of the share capital) to Technip’s employees, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and the Group’s principal executives,

- authorization for the Board of Directors to increase the share capital, with a maximum limit of 1.5% of the share capital) in favor of employees of the Technip Group.


The full results of the votes will be available on Technip’s website http://www.technip.com/ in the coming days.

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Technip is a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry.

From the deepest Subsea oil & gas developments to the largest and most complex Offshore and Onshore infrastructures, our 40,000 people are constantly offering the best solutions and most innovative technologies to meet the world’s energy challenges.

Present in 48 countries, Technip has state-of-the-art industrial assets on all continents and operates a fleet of specialized vessels for pipeline installation and subsea construction.

Technip shares are listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris exchange and traded in the USA on the OTCQX marketplace (OTCQX: TKPPY).




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