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Executive officers

Thierry Pilenko

Executive Chairman

Thierry Pilenko is Executive Chairman of the TechnipFMC board of directors. He joined Technip in 2007 as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and prior to that was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veritas DGC, a seismic services company based in Houston. Between 1998 and 2004 he also served as President of Schlumberger GeoQuest in Houston and subsequently as Managing Director of SchlumbergerSema in Paris.

Mr. Pilenko also served in a succession of management and executive roles with Schlumberger beginning in 1984, including several international positions in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He is currently a board member of Rowan Companies plc, an offshore drilling company. Previously, he served on the boards of Hercules Offshore, CGG Veritas, and Peugeot SA. He holds degrees from France’s Nancy School of Geology and the IFP School.

Douglas J. Pferdehirt

Chief Executive Officer

Douglas J. Pferdehirt is Chief Executive Officer of TechnipFMC. He was previously President and Chief Executive Officer of FMC Technologies, and prior to joining FMC Technologies in 2012, spent 26 years at Schlumberger Limited in a succession of executive leadership positions including: Vice President of Corporate Development and Communications, President of Schlumberger’s Reservoir Production Group, Vice President Investor Relations and Communications, President North and South America Schlumberger, and Vice President of Oilfield Services U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Mr. Pferdehirt holds a bachelor’s degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from Pennsylvania State University and is on the board of directors of the American Heart Association.

Maryann Mannen

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Maryann Mannen is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of TechnipFMC. She previously was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at FMC Technologies. Prior to that, Ms. Mannen was the company’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.

She served as Vice President of Administration from 2007 to 2010 and, before that, led multiple business units and functions. Before joining FMC Technologies in 1986, Ms. Mannen served as Finance Manager for Sheller-Globe Corporation. She is also a member of Owens Corning’s board of directors.

Dianne Ralston

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Dianne Ralston is Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of TechnipFMC. She formerly was Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary at FMC Technologies. Ms. Ralston joined FMC Technologies in 2015, bringing more than 20 years of combined legal, compliance, and contractual experience in the oil and gas industry.

She previously served as Weatherford International’s Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary and worked in Schlumberger’s legal department for 15 years, holding a succession of senior roles including Deputy General Counsel and Director of Compliance.

Bradley Beitler

Executive Vice President

Bradley Beitler is Executive Vice President of Technology and R&D at TechnipFMC. He formerly was Vice President of Technology and Director of Technology at FMC Technologies, and prior to that served the company as Director of Business Development, responsible for strategy and mergers and acquisitions. 

He has an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Justin Rounce

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Justin Rounce is Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of TechnipFMC. Prior to joining TechnipFMC he spent 31 years at Schlumberger Limited in a succession of executive leadership positions, including Vice President of Software, Vice President  Marketing and Technology for the Production Group, and Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions.

He was also Vice President, Marketing and Chief Technology Officer for Cameron International prior to the acquisition by Schlumberger. Following the acquisition he moved to the role of Senior Vice President, Marketing and Technology, for Schlumberger Limited, and then President, Valves and Measurement. 

Agnieszka Kmieciak

Executive Vice President People & Culture

Agnieszka Kmieciak is Executive Vice President People & Culture at TechnipFMC. Prior to joining TechnipFMC, Ms Kmieciak has held a succession of senior leadership positions in HR at Schlumberger Limited including HR Director Production Group, Global Talent Management and Workforce Planning, and led the HR function for M-I SWACO.

Earlier in her career at Schlumberger, she held various management positions in HR, but also in Operations and Business Consulting in North America, Europe and North Africa. Ms Kmieciak began her career at PSA Peugeot Citroën and graduated from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Arnaud Piéton

President Subsea

Arnaud Pieton is President of TechnipFMC's Subsea business. Prior to being named President Subsea and since the creation of TechnipFMC in January 2017, Mr Pieton assumed the role of Executive Vice President People & Culture. Prior to that, he served as President Asia Pacific Region covering Subsea & Onshore/Offshore. Mr Pieton spent most of his career in Subsea with assignments in Paris, Houston and Kuala Lumpur.

Before joining Technip in 2004, he held several positions at Serimax, part of Vallourec Group. Mr. Pieton holds a master’s degree in Material Science & Welding, and attended University of Chicago Booth School executive programs.

Richard Alabaster

President Surface

Richard Alabaster is President of TechnipFMC’s Surface business. He previously served FMC Technologies as General Manager of Surface Integrated Services, General Manager of Fluid Control, President and General Manager of Loading Systems, and General Manager of Measurement Systems.

Prior to joining FMC Technologies in 1992, Mr. Alabaster was a manager at Hydrox Corporation in New Zealand, a wireline engineer for Schlumberger in Indonesia and Australia, and a scientist at the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Barry Glickman

President Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Barry Glickman is President Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain at TechnipFMC. Prior to his current role, he was Vice President of Subsea Services at FMC Technologies, and before that he was General Manager of Western Region Subsea Systems and Vice President of Energy Infrastructure.

Before joining the company in 2012, Mr. Glickman held senior leadership positions at General Electric and Dresser, including Integration Leader for the Wood Group Well Support acquisition by GE Oil and Gas, President of Dresser Flow Technologies, President of Dresser Waukesha, CEO of GE Jenbacher, and General Manager of GE Distributed Power. Early in his career, he specialized in strategy and operations for U.S. energy companies as a consultant at McKinsey.

Nello Uccelletti

President Onshore Offshore

Nello Uccelletti is President of TechnipFMC’s Onshore Offshore business. He joined Technip’s Executive Committee in 2008 and became Onshore/Offshore President in 2014 after serving the company as Senior Vice President of Onshore. Mr. Uccelletti joined Technip in 1978 and has spent his entire career within the Technip Group in positions that included head of Technip Italy’s Engineering Department and the company’s Middle East Business and Projects units.

He also headed business development for Technip Italy and served as Chief Executive Officer of Technip Italy and Region B Senior Vice President. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Naples.

Christophe Bélorgeot

Senior Vice President Corporate Engagement

Christophe Bélorgeot is Senior Vice President Corporate Engagement at TechnipFMC. In his position Christophe Bélorgeot oversees corporate communications responsibilities and drives TechnipFMC's Sustainability effort. Over the last two years Mr. Bélorgeot has been Vice President of Corporate Communications of TechnipFMC. Mr. Bélorgeot joined Technip in 2005 within the Strategy department before moving to communication role in 2009 where he was in charge of internal, external and individual shareholders communications.

Earlier in his career, he held positions in both the public and private sectors in the oil and gas industry, in France and in the United States. He was notably responsible for the oil & gas sector for the Embassy of France in the United States, and worked at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance in charge of the oil services sector. Mr. Bélorgeot graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Génie Chimique in Toulouse, France in chemical engineering.