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Digital services

Digital services

Delivering tomorrow’s digital technologies for our clients

We work in tandem with clients, supporting them throughout the operational life of their projects and always seeking safer, cleaner, more economical ways to monitor, maintain and optimize their assets.

TechnipFMC is meeting the digital technology demands of the oil and gas industry by offering dedicated tools that connect engineering with data.

Employing virtual plant technology and sensors that track real-time data, our Digital Services team is forging ahead on new frontiers to optimize monitoring, modeling, maintenance and security for our clients. 

Providing streamlined digital services and solutions

  • In a fast-moving world, we offer cutting-edge digital services that will improve our clients projects’ planning and efficiency. Our experienced team of engineers are developing innovative services across the gamut of engineering disciplines.
  • We’re moving alongside our clients, helping them work faster, with fewer risks and less cost. From cutting edge simulators, to real-time sensors, to our 4D Management System , to Cybersecurity of installations, to performance optimization & margin improvement our digital service offer responds to clients’ current needs with the highest technologies.
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Making tomorrow’s digital tools, today

  • Across the oil and gas industry, major international players, governments and start-ups alike are seeking a true digital transformation. They want performance-driven digital technology and services such as AI and connected monitoring systems.
  • Our OT Cybersecurity teams, secure the operations of our clients, and provide a comprehensive security service, to maximize confidentiality, integrity and availability of our client’s installations.
  • We support clients throughout their assets’ operational life with an array of solutions. Our 4D management system (4DMS) simulates a plant’s installation and turnaround phases: with it, our clients receive a complete visibility of scenarios and are able to make the best decisions. With our robotics solutions for unmanned platforms, developed together with Cybernetix (a TechnipFMC company), we are pushing boundaries to bring our clients the digital breakthroughs that improve workplace safety and reduce OPEX.
  • Through our plant performance program, we accompany the clients in optimizing their production performances, the efficiency and the margins of the plants.