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Fixed platforms

Fixed platforms

Developing field developments architecture studies to project completion

500,000+ Tons of fixed platforms designed

25 Offshore technologies for fixed facilities

65+Fixed platforms installed worldwide

Fixed Platforms

Full offshore development, one integrated supplier

We’ve been delivering upstream projects for over 50 years. With a recognized track record on fixed platforms, we offer our clients a unique, cutting-edge expertise from early conceptual studies to EPCI for all phases of offshore field development. We adapt to clients’ needs, employing global processes while deploying local teams to successfully complete projects. Our experience ranges from small wellhead platforms to very large facilities including central gathering and production complexes whether manned or (normally) unmanned. We can provide expertise in cost-optimized solutions for fixed platforms, including conventional jackets (lifted or launched), gravity-based substructures, self-installing platforms and artificial islands.

Spearheading Offshore technological evolution

Our active float-over technology for installation of topsides in long swell environments is recognized as an industry differentiator. Likewise, we employ proprietary technologies that cover HSE design, upstream processes (high H2S and/or C02 content) and HP/HT. We have developed an ice-modeling simulation program called Ice-MAS for sheet ice breaking pattern predictability on Arctic platforms. We do all this with one goal in mind: optimizing our client’s time and budget.

Adapting offshore processes for onshore use

Modular design and construction is set to play a big role in onshore builds.

We leverage our offshore expertise to support onshore modularized projects in a variety of areas.

  • Our hydrodynamics and naval architecture skills are fundamental for the onshore modules design for load-out and transportation.
  • We utilize offshore layout for our clients’ module designs. We use HSE design in congested areas, using the experience and know-how perfected offshore.
  • We’re applying our expert global processes – engineering procurement, transport & installation, offshore hook-up and more – where our clients need them.
  • Through an integrated network of regional construction facilities, we can help our clients execute their objectives no matter where they are.

Optimizing our client’s time and budget

  • Proven experience and expertise worldwide
  • Single, integrated supplier for our clients
  • Covering all phases of offshore field development
  • Schedule and budget optimization
  • Full project management from conceptual stages to decommissioning
  • Agility & flexibility
  • Leading-edge technologies including float-over for topside installation
  • Innovative simulation programs
  • Research & Development