AthenaTM is not just a manipulator – it is a force-compliant hydraulic tooling interchange system that can be integrated into existing ROVs, providing consistent and reliable results during subsea operations.

Unlocking faster response time, every time, for your remote underwater work.  

Athena is our next evolution

Athena™, our latest evolution in subsea interchangeable tooling and controls

Athena™, our latest evolution in subsea interchangeable tooling and controls

Schilling Robotics, a TechnipFMC company, is the leading designer and manufacturer of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and robotic manipulators for the subsea remote work market, supporting the world’s energy and resource needs today and into the future.

Established in 1985, Schilling Robotics has built a legacy of designing and delivering products to perform the subsea work that keeps subsea industries productive, while delivering the expertise and scale to make way for new subsea discoveries.

Our technologies are constantly pushing the limits on subsea intervention operations. There are no developments that are too challenging or complex for us to navigate. Schilling Robotics continues to revolutionize deepwater productivity – enabling safe and more challenging subsea developments through our advanced and industry leading robotics technologies.

Schilling Robotics ​

A Pioneer in the Robotics Industry

The subsea industry relies on Schilling Robotics’ equipment every day to execute subsea operations. The Athena Tooling Interchange System is Schilling Robotics’ next-generation advanced tooling solution providing unprecedented productivity and reliability.

The Athena system is based on the Atlas manipulator design and can be installed as an upgrade to an existing Atlas, or as an entire system. It is suited to work with today’s highest-performing vehicles under the most demanding conditions. Athena is a position-controlled hydraulic tooling interchange system. The tool exchange wrist transfers power, communications, and hydraulic fluid to attached tools. This enables continuous operations and execution of project tasks without returning to deck for reconfiguration of tooling, maximizing operational efficiency and productivity.

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Schilling Robotics ​

What is Athena?

Why AthenaTM?  ​

With AthenaTM, our clients can enhance the performance and productivity of their ROV operations, enabling:

Improved project economics

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Autonomous operations and remote piloting

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Reduced operational risk and downtime

Faster response time