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Process technology

Process technology

We license a broad portfolio of proprietary technologies for the downstream onshore sector.

Our portfolio and experience in the commercial application of technologies provides early involvement in projects that use our range of engineering, procurement and construction capabilities. We develop, design, commercialize and integrate a wide range of technologies to complement and expand our offerings, often with the support of research centers in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and Frankfurt, Germany.

Process Technology

Technology Handbook

TechnipFMC is experienced in the commercial application of breakthrough technologies. This offers clients the advantage of an extensive portfolio of technological options that can make a real difference in their processing projects.

When involved early, we can leverage this technology toolbox from the design phase and can optimize engineering, procurement and construction, while delivering maximum profitability.

Our differentiating portfolio includes technologies in gas monetization, refining, petrochemicals and polymers, fertilizers, renewables and syngas. Our dedicated experts look after our wholly owned and jointly owned technologies, along with others offered from third-party licensors.

Our Technologies

You can find more about our technologies by visiting the pages of the process industries we serve:




Petrochemicals and polymers


Gas monetization

Energy transition

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Weymouth, Massachusetts

Our research center in Massachusetts, USA develops and tests technologies used in petrochemical applications.

The laboratory has fully automated pilot plants that test catalysts and gather design data needed to scale up processes for commercialization.

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Our research center in Frankfurt, Germany develops and improves our polymer technologies and supports clients to commercialize their polymer products.

Experiments in the lab generate the critical design data needed to scale up processes to commercial conditions.