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Offshore technologies

Offshore technologies

We provide solutions with innovative technology and outstanding project execution

As recognized experts in the Offshore Technologies industry, we start with a thorough assessment of the functional requirements of a facility, and then design, deliver and install accordingly. We serve large international energy providers as well as national and independent entities, providing an extensive portfolio of offshore solutions that can also be applied onshore.

Thanks to our experienced team of experts, we can find the right solutions to meet clients’ needs. This starts with a full, upfront analysis of an energy provider’s project goals. After a thorough review, we determine the most suitable type of platform to produce at a competitive price, whilst preserving quality and prioritizing safety. From conventional offshore platforms to all type of floaters, we have the recognized expertise, reference driven knowledge, and strong industry relationships to drive projects through to a successful delivery. Our innovation program is not only about technology but also advanced project execution plans.

Our early engagement strategy is key to making projects predictable and affordable and to support our Clients in their project decisions by providing certainty in technical definition and execution plan. 

Extensive technology portfolio for the full value chain

We offer over 70 in-house supported technologies and a team of 600+ offshore engineers
  • Our technology experts leverage their experience from completed projects to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Thanks to the resources of Technip Energies Global Business Unit, we can cover the full value chain. 
  • Our Offshore (F)LNG capability is notable for our engineers’ seamless delivery of onboard technology for floating units. With an eye on risk management, we design the topside with safety and reliability in mind. We can thus manage weight to ensure overall unit stability.
  • Addressing the most precise project specifications, our engineers use a range of technologies to meet any challenges.
  • We offer technological solutions for:
    • LNG transfer
    • megamodules
    • spiral stacked turrets
    • high-pressure natural gas 
    • cryogenic pipe-in-pipes
    • offshore adaptable hulls, and more.

Sustainable solutions to support the future

Sustainable technologies supporting the energy transition

We offer our clients sustainable solutions to minimize their local emissions footprint

Solid expertise and robust industry experience

We provide a leading in-house technology portfolio including digital solutions for successful project execution

Early engagement strategy 

We support our clients with conceptual and technology services to provide the optimum technical definition and execution plan at the very early stage of their project development. 

Strong team of Offshore technologies experts

600+ offshore technology engineers committed to our clients’ projects success.