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Loading systems

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Loading systems

We lead the market with reliable loading system solutions

We are globally recognized for setting technical and performance standards in fluid transfer, delivering liquid and gas loading systems to the most challenging applications, both onshore and offshore.

Loading systems

TechnipFMC leads the market with 10,000 marine loading arms supplied, including more than 500 arms for LNG. We have developed unique offshore LNG transfer systems for all floating LNG (FLNG) facilities operating to date. We offer equipment design and fabrication projects, as well as services over the life of our systems.

Our proven ability to innovate, coupled with our modern manufacturing and assembly techniques, serve as the foundation for the future development of fluid transfer systems capable of operating in the most hostile and challenging environments.

With the support and technical know-how of experts throughout TechnipFMC, we are the only supplier of transfer systems capable of reliably manage the complexity of any critical application.

Portfolio of solutions

Our portfolio includes flexible pipe solutions with Coflexip® products and rigid articulated Chiksan® loading arms. By offering both types of products, we can recommend and provide the best solution to our clients.

Our range of solutions include:


  • Coflexip® flexible pipe products
  • LNG offshore transfer solutions
  • Marine loading/unloading systems (Petrochemical, LPG, LNG, HPNG)
  • Services


  • Bunkering, small scale, jettyless solutions
  • Coflexip® flexible pipe products
  • LNG offshore transfer solutions
  • Marine loading/unloading systems (Petrochemical, LPG, LNG, HPNG)
  • Truck and rail car loading modules
  • Services

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Safety and sustainability

Reflected in the design of our products and services

Safety and sustainability are at the forefront of every designed product and service we provide.

Our focus is to ensure our client’s success by providing efficient and long-term operability of the loading systems.

Our advantage

  • Solutions for special requests and unique applications
  • Continuous innovation
  • A rigorous approach with no compromise on safety
  • Extensive portfolio of reliable solutions including flexible and rigid applications
  • Specially trained, worldwide service network for all types of interventions

Responsive service worldwide

Our worldwide service network consists of top professionals who ensure a close, personal approach to each client and their needs.

Our services include:

  • A robust supply of genuine spare parts
  • Upgrade, repair and revamp expertise


  • Highly trained field service technicians for installation and maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance inspections


  • Specialized training
  • Digital solutions