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Leading experts in sourcing and procurement activities

Making client satisfaction our top priority, providing unique expertise in procurement in the industry with competitive sourcing for our client projects.

Safety. Quality. Timely delivery. Cost performance 

Technip Energies’ expert teams have unique experience and know-how in sourcing and procurement. Their skills give us a significant competitive advantage by ensuring that our projects respect our clients’ key priorities, deadlines and specifications.

3 steps for global sourcing and procurement

We serve as business partners in aligning sourcing and procurement strategies with company business objectives and priorities.

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Sourcing and center-led functions

We establish the backbone of the function through category structure, tools, systems, processes and competency. This includes:

  • proposals and project strategy input
  • top supplier program
  • category strategy
  • quality control, supplier  surveillance, and management of third-party inspection agreements
  • principles, work processes (operational and compliance), and execution methods 
  • IT systems and reporting
  • logistics.



We focus on excellence in project execution, delivering services that ensure performance is consistent and continuously improved. We offer: 

  • proposals and project strategy input
  • procurement execution
  • logistics operations
  • supplier quality and quality control surveillance 
  • regional and local requirements.

More than 1,000 sourcing and procurement professionals work as one with the objective of delivering excellent customer service. Our main sourcing and procurement offices are in Paris, Rome, Houston and Kuala Lumpur. We also offer suppliers our own international e-procurement tool that manages the entire procurement cycle, from information requests and clarification of offers to the issue of purchase orders.