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Construction methods center

Construction methods center

Optimize Construction Delivery

Our Construction Methods Center is intended to support our projects from all regional business units, from construction strategy definition to execution and handover. Its mission is to optimize schedule duration, anticipating and minimizing construction risks.

Driving construction success

We do this by supporting and enhancing our work processes through the development of new construction systems, cutting edge studies and implementation of emerging technologies, bringing innovative construction solutions to our clients and maintaining our position as a market leader.

Exceeding Projects and Clients needs

Our CMC enhances the performance of all types of construction projects carried out by Technip Energies. Our support continues throughout the execution phase customizing our offer to each project’s unique demands, centralizing project feedbacks to guarantee continuous improvement.

Unlocking potential with our construction systems

Our construction systems differentiate us from our competitors, enabling full control of our construction operations. EasyPlantTM is our in-house construction web-based application for onshore and offshore projects. It manages the entire construction lifecycle, offering subcontractors and clients access to its many benefits, including: 

  • Progress and Quality tracking
  • Material preservation and maintenance 
  • Monitoring & control from construction to start-up

3D Construction is a Work Front Management system that plans, visualizes and tracks construction activities allowing Advanced Work Packaging and the creation of Field installation Work packages.

By injecting engineering, procurement and progress information, we can foresee any issues that may lie ahead, and thus anticipate a problem before it can happen.

Customized supports to Projects

  • We leverage our center of experts to support projects and construction teams with technical services and construction studies: from unique heavy lift and logistics studies to optimized construction sequence and workfront management deployment. 
  • We allow each project to benefit from our highest technical skills and capabilities by standardizing project delivery to our clients. 

Looking to the future

  • We understand the importance of innovation to remain a market leader. One of our main objectives is to continuously look for new opportunities, improving our project execution through the identification and implementation of new technologies (augmented construction, photogrammetry, drone for inspection, …), enhancing our work-processes and construction systems.
  • We also ensure we take the correct steps to achieve future developments whilst providing robust and safe solutions for our projects and clients.