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Delivering sustainable alternatives for global energy transition

TechnipFMC is helping to lead the global energy transition by delivering a wide range of turnkey biofuel plants and advanced biofuel production technologies. We support our clients in meeting local and global targets and accomplishing company-wide sustainability goals.

BTG-BTL technology

Hummingbird technology

Ethanol technology

Driving the biofuels market with expertise and technology

Biofuels play an important role in energy transition needs as we move to sustainable solutions in concert with the international community. Due to changing public policies, increased government incentives and growing consumer demand, biofuels have become an advanced solution for low carbon energy, drawing the attention of oil and gas companies, the agro-industry, chemical companies and wood processing industries. TechnipFMC has the know-how and experience to deliver biofuels production projects as sustainable energy alternatives. From feasibility studies and basic design to Front-End Engineering Design and full EPC project execution, we offer solutions that work.

End-to-end project management

Our engineering and end-to-end project management expertise is directly applicable to the biofuels market, particularly for biofuel refineries. We offer a wide range of services and proprietary and partnership-based technologies, including biodiesel and bio jet fuel production technologies as well as ethanol first and second generation processes. We have extensive experience in the design and construction of bioethanol plants.

By leveraging our position as a market leader in refinery engineering, we can provide our clients the experience to support their biofuels projects from concept and basic design, including CAPEX estimates, to engineering and turnkey delivery. We work with our clients from start to finish to successfully deliver biofuel projects as sustainable energy alternatives.

Our main references include two major biofuels plants delivered for Nesté in Singapore and Rotterdam based upon NexBTL technology, CLARIANT 2G bioethanol plant in Poland based on Sunliquid technology, TOTAL La Mède biofuels plant in France based on Axens Vegan technology and BTG/BTL fast pyrolysis bio-oil plants in Sweden and Finland.

Proprietary or licensed technologies

Proprietary technologies
  • Hummingbird® (ethanol to ethylene, potentially to transportation fuels)
  • Ethanol (1G) generation process
  • CO2 capture and feedstock with renewable hydrogen to hydrocarbons
Other licensed technologies
  • Renewable fuels HVO production technologies
  • Ethanol (2G) generation process
  • BtG- BtL fast pyrolysis oil.

Proven experience in biofuels

  • Proven experience in executing all types of refinery and biofuel plants worldwide, including the world’s largest biofuel plant 
  • Leading design and complete engineering capabilities
  • Full project management and turnkey delivery
  • Ability to execute due diligence regarding advanced biofuels projects (second generation) 
  • In-house technologies for bioethanol and ethanol to ethylene production
  • Licensing BtG- BtL pyrolysis bio oil technology.