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Petrochemicals and polymers

Petrochemicals and polymers

Leading technology licensing and EPC project delivery

Our petrochemical technology portfolio encompasses processes to manufacture a wide range of products derived from olefins, aromatics, styrenics and phenolics. With our deep experience in polymer processes, we are a leader in the field delivering EPC projects and offering proprietary technologies.

Technology Handbook

Phenolics technologies

Styrenics technologies

Zimmer® polymer technologies

We design, procure and construct petrochemical processing units. Our solid project execution track record for EPC delivery is based upon the know- how of our personnel, our proven methods and a broad licensing portfolio including proprietary technologies and alliances with leading third party licensors. We offer a one-stop shop for a wide range of services ranging from conceptual studies and process commercialization to full EPC LSTK of all major petrochemical derivative units. Our key references include Ikra, Zapsib, Gulf Coast, Sasol Secunda or Zhuhai projects.

We are accelerating the energy transition by:

  • relentlessly improving monomer and energy efficiencies of our plants,
  • proposing improved catalytic based processes,
  • integrating feedstock shifts to improve production costs and carbon footprints,
  • limiting the generation of side products and effluents and applying carbon capture techniques,
  • finding solutions for end-of-life plastics recycling.

Our technology portfolio encompasses leading processes to manufacture a wide range of product derivatives:

Badger Licensing, our wholly owned subsidiary acquired from ExxonMobil, offers premier proprietary technologies in the styrenic and phenolic chains. Badger Licensing developed its ethylbenzene and styrene technologies over 50 years ago and continues to expand its petrochemical offerings. Our growing portfolio includes cumene, BPA, as well as other premier proprietary technologies offering superior product performance.

We also offer a wide array of polyester and polyamide based technologies and an array of other engineered resins through our Zimmer® subsidiary. For 70 years, the Zimmer® name has been synonymous with the highest quality of polymer process technology. We support the energy transition with our sustainable solutions for bio-based polymers as well as our recycling technologies.

Established alliances and partnerships

A comprehensive portfolio of chemical and petrochemical technologies from leading manufacturing and technology providers, through established alliances and partnerships.

  • Polyolefins
    • Gas phase polyethylene with UNIVATION
    • Low density polyethylene with SABIC
    • Gas phase polypropylene with GRACE
  • Purified terephthalic acid (PTA) with BP
  • Chlor-alkali from membrane cells with all major electrolyzer vendors
  • Ethylene di-chloride and vinyl chloride monomer with OXYVINYLS
  • Polyvinyl chloride with KEM ONE
  • Polystyrene (general purpose and high impact) with TOTAL
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) with SABIC
  • Acetic acid with BP
  • HCl oxidation with SUMITOMO

A unique partner for your project

  • Conceptual, integration and master planning studies
  • One-stop shop for technology commercialization
  • Reputable process and engineering skills
  • Leading Process Technologies including development, licensing and proprietary equipment
  • Project management
  • Skills, methods and experience for EPC

Weymouth, Massachusetts

Our research center in Massachusetts, USA develops and tests technologies used in petrochemical applications.

The laboratory has fully automated pilot plants that test catalysts and gather design data needed to scale up processes for commercialization.

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Our research center in Frankfurt, Germany develops and improves our polymer technologies and supports clients to commercialize their polymer products.

Experiments in the lab generate the critical design data needed to scale up processes to commercial conditions.