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Floating production units

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Floating production units

Covering Offshore field development from design to project delivery and beyond

17 Technip-constructed Spar facilities currently operating in the world
52 Offshore technologies for floating facilities
14 FPSOs and FLNGs delivered since 2010

Covering all phases of offshore field development, from conceptual studies to EPCI

Our clients turn to us because they know we have the experience and expertise they needfor innovative and successful solutions across all types of floating production units. We cover all phases of offshore field development. From early conceptual studies to EPCI, we offer a complete range of cost-optimized solutions for oil and gas production and processing.

We’ve designed, managed and delivered floating facilities, Spars, Tension Leg Platforms (TLP), semi-submersibles and ship-shape floaters. We’re the global leader in delivering Spar platforms, having built 17 out of the 21 constructed Spars in the world. We offer de-risked solutions leveraging our project track record and expertise, project management skills and engineering resources, and construction know-how. After delivery we continue to provide technical supportfor operational flexibility enhancements, asset integrity assessments and life extension.

Innovative technologies for tomorrow’s projects

We are proud of our accomplishments in the floating production units' market. But we are more interested in moving forward than looking back. That’s why we continue to innovate for tomorrow’s projects offering our clients a wide technology portfolio that brings real value.

We’re able to provide proprietary technologies and know-how in HSE design, upstream processes and HP/HT. Through automation and robotics we aim to improve operational efficiency and reduce manual maintenance and inspection. Through advanced simulation and analysis we aim to reduce uncertainties and enhance confidence. The industry has also recognized our expertise in mastering interfaces between the floater and subsea components (Top Tension riser, Steel Catenary Risers, mooring systems), including industry-leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and calculations of hydrodynamics and hydrodynamic interactions with offshore platforms and components.

Specialized software and methods

Leveraging engineering tools and methods
By developing specialized engineering tools, methods and software, we help our clients build safer platform structures while reducing cost for designing and optimizing platform structures.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Floater Integrated Design Environment software (FIDE) to rapidly and efficiently assess an array of platform configurations for stability, weight and cost, calculate global motions of all floater types, rapidly generate scantling design and automatically generate 3D construction drawings
  • Computational fluid dynamics simulation of hydrodynamic loading, including model basin test simulation
  • Loading systems
  • Offloading operability software suite based on Artificial Intelligence.



Robust experience. Global leadership. Proprietary technologies

  • Strong expertise in delivering floating facilities worldwide
  • Global leader in Spar platforms
  • Leading engineering and design; Full project management
  • Proven project execution capacities
  • Risk management, cost optimization
  • Innovative technologies including proprietary technologies in HSE design, upstream processes and HP/HT
  • Specialized engineering tools, methods and software
  • Materials and fabrication technologies