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Leading design and project execution of floating LNG facilities

World’s heaviest floating vessel: FLNG Prelude in Australia:

  • 600.000 tons displacement
  • +40 engineering studies from concept definition to EPC.

World first FLNG: PFLNG Satu in Malaysia, 1st offloading April 2017

Offshore LNG

We are pioneers in offshore floating liquid natural gas (FLNG), providing an alternative to traditional onshore LNG plants.  Floating LNG avoids building and operating long-distance pipelines—no extensive onshore infrastructure needed.  FLNG offers a fast, commercially attractive and environmentally friendly approach to monetization of offshore stranded gas fields, or associated gas from oil production.

We are the only energy contractor to integrate all core activities clients need. Gas processing and liquefaction. Offshore modularization. Marine and naval engineering and LNG transfer. We benefit from key EPC project references such as Prelude, Petronas Satu or Coral FLNG in addition to multiple engineering studies. 

With our strong expertise and experience and a global team of expert managers and engineers, we can manage our clients’ entire projects from design to start-up. We provide a unique source for integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) contracts. We are a pioneer in FLNG, an innovative alternative to traditional onshore LNG plants that avoids building and operating long-distance pipelines and extensive onshore infrastructure. FLNG offers a commercially attractive and environmentally friendly approach to monetization of offshore gas fields. 

Innovative and environmentally friendly technologies

Flexible options. Flawless execution.

Our Floating LNG technologies can be deployed in shallow waters nearshore, jetty-moored or on Gravity Based Structures (GBS), for even more commercially attractive solutions to liquefy natural gas from onshore sources. 

For our next generation of FLNG facilities, we have developed an innovative Megamodule™ concept and proven execution model to optimize further the projects economics. 

Our offering also includes offloading solutions that ensure the safe transfer of LNG between FLNG and LNG carriers, even in the roughest seas. 

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A large choice of FLNG services

  • Design and execution with multiple gas pre-treatment and liquefaction processes
  • Design of small scale up to 12 Mtpa LNG production capacity FLNG 
  • Process from very lean to rich gas (condensates and LPG can also be produced) 
  • Internal, external turret moorings or spread mooring
  • HSE design to propose mixed solutions (safety gaps, fire walls) 
  • Execution experience with gas and steam turbines and large electric motors (Water and air cooling, for deep or shallow water applications) 
  • Side by side, tandem or parallel LNG offloading depending on the environment 

We have developed new tools and adapted existing methods to meet the needs of permanently moored gas facilities vessels operating in any environment.