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Engineering and project management for the Defense sector

40 Years implementing major pyrotechnical projects

20+ Countries with major defense projects

Expert in the Pyrotechnical Technical Group of French Environment Ministry Committee

Our teams are experts in engineering and project management for pyrotechnical facilities.

With our unique, recognized process and pyrotechnical expertise, we offer clients dedicated capabilities for all stages of pyrotechnical devices production, maintenance and storage.

From conceptual studies to project delivery

For over 40 years, we have been a global services provider with proven capabilities in the optimized design and management of major projects for the defense sector.  We offer a single point of contact for a huge range of specific skills, including project management, engineering, pyrotechnical expertise and modeling know-how. We apply leading specific methodologies and software including Pyrotechnical safety studies, construction services and consultancy. 

Specifics pyrotechnical safety studies

  • Characterization of the energetic materials
  • Impact assessment (combustion, deflagration, detonation)
  • Determination of the blast overpressure propagation
  • Design of structures to dynamic overpressure (shock and gas)
  • Primary fragment penetration/perforation calculations
  • Thermal effects.

Leading Project Management and process expertise

  • Longstanding experience worldwide
  • Unique, recognized process and pyrotechnical expertise
  • Leading design and engineering
  • Full project management and execution services
  • Budget optimization
  • Specific modelling and safety studies.