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Proven reliability and availability in hydrogen plants

We are a market leader, having provided our proprietary steam reforming technology for more than 270 hydrogen production plants worldwide, representing a market share of over 35%.


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Dual-chamber process gas boiler

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Hydrogen is the most widely used industrial gas in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries, with a major share used to produce clean transport fuels complying with today’s stringent environmental standards.

TechnipFMC offers well-known, proven technology for the energy industry’s hydrogen needs, tailored to specific client requirements. We provide a diverse scope of work and contracts, ranging from process design packages to lump sum turnkey projects involving engineering, procurement, construction and startup.

Our plants are fully integrated with surrounding production facilities regarding off-take of feedstock and utilities and delivery of hydrogen product and export steam. We are experts in the design of feedstock flexible plants, using refinery off-gasses, natural gas, LPG or naphtha as stand-along feed or in combination with each other.

Our grassroot units have wide capacity ranges of 1,000 to 250,000 Nm3/h and beyond. We can increase capacity of existing plants by up to 30% and provide maintenance and performance optimization services for running units.

  • 50-year experience.
  • 99 percent on-stream availability rate.
  • 270 hydrogen production plants using proprietary steam reforming technology.

Proprietary hydrogen technologies

Full contract range from BDEP to EPC

  • Complete hydrogen plants
  • Steam reformers: top-fired, side-fired, bottom-fired
  • TPR® heat exchange reformer technology for up to 30% capacity increase
  • LSV® Ultra low-NOx burner technology
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) based deNOx units
  • Proprietary process gas boilers
  • Steam generation and process condensate recovery
  • CO2 recovery

We have a global alliance with Air Products since 1992 for “over the fence” hydrogen supply. Learn more at www.h2alliance.com

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A trusted partner for your tailored solution

  • Highest standards in safety from process concept and design to installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Cost-effective design with optimized OPEX versus CAPEX.
  • Steam and power integration within existing refinery infrastructure.
  • Flexible contract formats, allowing optimized project cost and schedule.
  • Reliability: robust design, easy operation.
  • Compliance with all prevailing environmental standards.
  • Service-oriented organization, providing fast support to operating units when requested by our clients.