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From mines to crops, a unique combination of industry experience and expertise

  • 350+ fertilizer complexes delivered
  • 40 countries of operation
  • 60+ years in the fertilizer industry
  • EPC and licensed technologies for the full value chain


UCEGO® technology

Technology Handbook

Technip Energies expertise covers the entire value chain from mining and beneficiation to fertilizers, including ammonia, urea and phosphoric acid plants. Working in over 40 countries, we have engineered and delivered over 350 large fertilizer complexes and integrated units  including HURL, OCP, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corp, Duslo A.S, Fosfertil and Industries Chimiques du Sénégal.

Through our commitment to continuous end-to-end innovation for higher performance and efficiencies, we help our clients develop optimized and sustainable process schemes for their projects and meet the highest environmental standards.

Our service offerings range from global strategic planning, technical consulting and feasibility studies to complete turnkey facilities and further assistance to production and debottlenecking. We provide a wide selection of basic and specialty chemicals processes, including associated effluent treatments. We offer leading proprietary and licensed technologies to our clients including ammonia, urea, acids, single nutrients and multi-component fertilizers. 

Our services cover the complete value chain from raw materials to fertilizer end products: 

  • Geology and mining
  • Beneficiation
  • Sulfuric acid plants
  • Phosphoric acid plants
  • Phosphate fertilizer plants
  • Nitric acid
  • Ammonia/urea plants
  • Effluent treatment.

Proprietary or licensed technologies

One-stop shop: from mines to crops

Among our proprietary processes we offer:

  • Calcination (Dorr-Oliver/FluoSolids®)
  • Phosphoric acid

We also provide technologies in cooperation with leading companies including: 

  • Sulphur acid with DuPont / MECS® 
  • Ammonia with Haldor Topsoe 
  • Urea synthesis with Saipem 
  • Urea granulation with Thyssenkrupp 
  • Nitric acid and ammonium nitrate 
  • Phosphate fertilizers.

Full range of services

  • From technical consulting and feasibility studies to complete turnkey facilities and global strategic plans
  • Test facilities for phosphate rock analysis and related technical services
  • Sustainable processes and designs to meet stringent anti-pollution standards
  • Unique combination of experience and expertise Leading proprietary and licensed technologies
  • Leading proprietary and licensed technologies