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A world leader in the design and construction of ethylene facilities

40-50% of the ethylene licensing market share
45 new grassroots plants delivered since 2000
150+ grassroots plants and numerous modernization projects
End-to-end support for the world’s ethylene industry


Low-Emission Cracking Furnace technology

SPYRO technology

OMEGA technology

Hummingbird technology

Ripple Tray™ technology

We are a world leader in the ethylene industry with 40-50 percent of the licencing market share. We have a unique experience in the design, construction and modernization of the largest ethylene plants using proprietary technologies. We handle steam crackers from conception to commissioning with renowned references such as DOW LHC9, the world’s largest steam cracker operating in the USA, Sadara, the world’s largest mixed feed cracker in KSA, Reliance, the world’s only dedicated refinery offgases cracker in India and major ethane crackers such as CPChem in USA and Etileno XXI in Mexico.

During the early stages of a project, we carry out conceptual studies that evaluate technological robustness, CAPEX and environmental constraints of the various possible solutions leveraging our extensive FEED and EPC experience.

We have worked continuously to improve the energy efficiency of ethylene plants, reducing total installation costs per ton of ethylene, and reducing hydrocarbon consumption per ton by 5-10 percent. Our innovations have also resulted in a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. Whether you need a new plant or are updating an existing unit, we can help you improve your energy efficiency and increase feed utilization and flexibility, while lowering emissions.

Comprehensive portfolio of proven technologies

Our vast portfolio of proprietary technologies is designed to ensure clients meet their production goals, while reducing capital costs and improving operational efficiency.

  • Furnace technologies: SMK™ and Ultra Selective Conversion (USC®) M-coils for gas cracking; GK6® and USC® U-coils for liquid cracking. Low CO2 Emission Cracking furnaces
  • Swirl Flow Tube (SFT®) technology to boost olefins production
  • SPYRO® furnace design and an optimization software tool
  • Proprietary technologies for acetylene separation
  • Hummingbird® ethanol-to-ethylene technology for producing sustainable products from bio-based materials

We also offer a variety of proprietary equipment, including: transfer line exchangers (TLEs), burners, Ripple Tray™ technology, Vapor Flute™, Quench Fitting, Anti-Coking Heavy Feed Mixer™, WATT Winding Annulus TechnipFMC Tube® and high-performance exchangers (Gewa-PB, Gewa-KS and DIESTA tubes)

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Driving innovation for environmental and economic benefits

Full scope of services

  • From licensing and conceptual studies to EPC
  • Proven experience in plant modernization
  • Extensive expertise and experience

Energy efficiency improvement

  • Increased plant capacity over 1500kta
  • Reduced specific energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Reduced feed consumption
  • Increased selectivity for better yields, reducing the specific energy consumption per ton of ethylene
  • Increased flexibility for wider range of feed qualities and in operating severity / conversion
  • Reduced maintenance cost with new state-of-the-art technology

Economic and environmental benefits

  • Reduction of steam generation through new design and increase of electrification
  • Reduction of total installation cost per ton of ethylene
  • Reduction of hydrocarbons consumption per ton of ethylene produced by about 5-10 percent over the last 20 years.