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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of our clients’ facilities through unique technologies and service offerings

Styrene technology

Low-Emission Cracking Furnace technology

EARTH® Technology

Technip Energies enables its clients to achieve their respective energy transition targets by utilizing our proprietary high efficiency technologies, project management, integration expertise and comprehensive EPC capabilities.

To help oil and gas companies, as well as other industry sectors operate more sustainably, we offer a portfolio of sustainable technologies and services including feasibility studies and process optimization, to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 and other emissions. Our broad portfolio of proprietary technologies and our commitment to improving energy efficiency, we bring clients solutions for ethylene, hydrogen, petrochemical and other refining processes.

Among our technologies are our Enhanced Annular Reforming Tube for Hydrogen (EARTH®), which reduces up to 10 percent of the CO2 emissions per unit of hydrogen produced in a steam reformer, while saving up to 30 percent in fuel costs and increasing the fire box efficiency by 20 percent or more, our Direct Heating Unit, a groundbreaking technology for adding heat to high temperature processes employing flameless combustion for the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene, our Low Emission C2 Cracking Furnace designed to significantly increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, and our PDH/PP and LDPE energy optimization technologies which improve energy efficiency in the production of propylene and low-density polyethylene respectively.

Through innovative approaches and strategic alliances, Technip Energies achieves continuous improvements in our process technologies and plant designs, focusing on ways to improve yields, while lowering or eliminating emissions and improving energy efficiency.

Advanced proprietary technologies

Leading edge technologies dedicated to energy efficiency

We provide numerous proprietary technologies to improve energy efficiency of facilities:

  • Enhanced Annular Reforming Tube for Hydrogen (EARTH®)
  • Direct Heating Unit (DHU)
  • Low Emission C2 Cracking Furnace
  • PDH/PP energy optimization
  • LDPE energy optimization
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Improving plants energy efficiency

  • Best-in-class technology portfolio
  • Energy efficient process designs
  • Lower emissions including CO2 and NOx
  • High efficiency technologies
  • Project management
  • Integration expertise
  • Comprehensive EPC capabilities.