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Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration

Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration

Building tomorrow’s low carbon energy solutions

50+ installations delivered

  • Technologies for removal of CO2 and sulphur components from natural gases
  • CO2 compression and conditioning

Innovative design and technologies to reduce carbon emissions

Carbon Capture & Storage technology

Increasing innovation, reducing emissions 

Across industries, companies are investing in carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) solutions to meet the growing need for decarbonization. As one of the world’s most experienced engineering companies, TechnipFMC is a global leader in delivering CCUS solutions and developing the next generation of CCUS technologies that will help operators tackle the carbon emissions for decades to come in a sustainable manner.

Long-lasting expertise and experience

TechnipFMC  is a leading provider of consulting, engineering services and technologies for the low carbon footprint energy market. We can assist our clients to define best techno-economical carbon management strategy while integrating their critical needs and constraints. Our experts provide key support in the rapid development and deployment of CCUS technologies that ensure the best solutions for our clients. 

We provide our clients a full range of services, starting with consulting and feasibility studies, to EPC. We design and execute CCUS projects, particularly post-combustion solutions, which are appropriate for both new-build and retrofit CO2 capture on existing industrial facilities and power stations. We have delivered FEED studies such as the FOV CCS Oslo and Peterhead CCS projects. Our collaboration with various industry partners and startups, in addition to our proprietary technologies, allow us to offer clients the most up-to-date solutions for the CCUS market. We have been the engineering partner of choice for deploying CO2 capture in first-of-its-kind applications, such as on a gas-fired power plant and on a waste-to-energy plant.

Leading technologies for low carbon, low emissions solutions

Technology partner

  • Support CCUS technologies development
  • Full project management capabilities
  • Facilitate the technical and economical carbon management strategy development, while tailoring solutions to meet individual client needs and specifications
  • Multiple technology centers worldwide
  • Commercialization of first-generation post-combustion capture technology.
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Extensive experience and expertise in leading CCUS technologies

  • Support to CCUS technologies development
  • 50+ installations delivered for the removal of CO2 and sulphur components from natural gas and syngas, using proven technologies 
  • Full project management and delivery services
  • Best technical and economical carbon management strategy definition, while accounting for individual client needs and specifications. 
  • Experience in developing new efficient concepts adapted to the sequestration of CO2 in offshore reservoirs.
  • Multiple technology centers to leverage key competencies and provide expert support worldwide.