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Blue hydrogen

Blue hydrogen

Experience, expertise, and a commitment to continuous innovation to support energy transition

We offer our clients extensive experience in Blue Hydrogen, having provided reformer technology to more than 270 plants in the world, used for high thermal efficiency and low carbon emissions.

The Energy Transition calls for new energy carriers to limit global warming. “Blue Hydrogen” – defined as “fossil based, but with sharply reduced CO2 footprint” - is considered as a cost-effective first step in the Energy Transition, awaiting the large-scale availability of Green Hydrogen from renewable sources. Although the expression “Blue Hydrogen” is introduced only recently it is worthwhile to notice that we have already over 50 references for Blue Hydrogen plants ‘avant la lettre’. These are steam reforming units where we remove CO2 for process reasons, such as in HYCO syngas or ammonia production or to recover CO2 as a byproduct for the industrial gas market.

TechnipFMC is a front runner in this rapidly expanding market, and a global leader in developing carbon capture and conditioning. We are continuously exploring new solutions to reduce energy consumption and investment cost.

We have expertise in all aspects of CO2 removal technology for Blue Hydrogen: solvent selection, flow sheet development, utility systems and economical optimization. We provide a complete portfolio of services, ranging from feasibility studies to EPC projects. Also, we have executed several projects where CO2 capture units were retrofitted on existing hydrogen plants.

Innovative technologies for Hydrogen production

Leading Proprietary Technologies
  • Blue Hydrogen – CO2 removal from syngas or reducing gas by physical/chemical solvents or membranes
  • Expertise from CO2 removal concept development to full EPC
  • Proprietary equipment (Technip Energies‘ steam methane reformer (SMR), TPR®, LSV® burners, advanced process gas boiler, EARTH® reformer tubes)
  • References for converting Grey Hydrogen into Blue.

Proven capabilities, leading design and technologies

  • Commercially proven solutions
  • Leading-edge in-house technologies
  • Extensive experience in EPC project execution of all sizes, anywhere in the world
  • Strong focus on plant energy efficiency
  • Deeply explore retrofitting options 
  • Maximized flexibility and profitability
  • Boost cost-effectiveness
  • Over 55 years of hydrogen experience.