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Experience, technology and capability to develop the next generation of FLNG facilities and emerging gas FPSOs

TechnipFMC is the only energy contractor to integrate all core activities required to deliver a full offshore gas project: LNG gas (HP/HT) process, offshore facilities, loading systems and subsea infrastructure.

Offshore LNG

We are a pioneer in FLNG, an innovative alternative to traditional onshore LNG plants that avoids building and operating long-distance pipelines and extensive onshore infrastructure. FLNG offers a commercially attractive and environmentally friendly approach to monetization of offshore gas fields.

We are now a pioneer in gas FPSO (Karish & Tanin, Barossa, Tortue and Abadi projects) which is an alternative to FLNG to develop stranded offshore gas fields to export gas for feeding either existing new onshore LNG plants or domestic market.

We manage the entire project from concept to start-up and are a unique source for integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation contracts including subsea field architecture design, fabrication and installation.

Our offer also includes specialized loading systems that ensure the safe transfer of liquified natural gas from FLNG to LNG carriers, in even the roughest seas.

Covering full range of FLNG & gas FPSO requirements

  • From lean to rich gas (LPG can also be produced)
  • Design capability from 0.5 to 8 Mtpa/ LNG production capacity
  • Capability to process any feed gas flow characteristics
  • Water and air cooling
  • Knowledge to process any feed gas flow & characteristics
  • HSE design capacity to propose mixed solutions (safety gaps, fire walls)
  • Boiler or gas turbines for electricity generation

We have developed new tools and adapted existing methods to meet the needs of permanently moored gas facilities vessels operating in any environment, at shore or offshore.

We are the only contractor that has business relationships with all major naval yards in South East Asia.

The unique combination of TechnipFMC experience and expertise

  • Onshore and Offshore experience and expertise
  • Fully agnostic as capable to offer Onshore and Offshore best solutions
  • Unique combination of gas, offshore and exports in-house experience and expertise
  • Proven project references and not only studies references
  • Unique relationships with shipyards and offshore yards (China, Corea, Indonesia, and others).