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Technip Energies overview

Unrivalled technology and services from design to project delivery

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Technip Energies overview

Unrivalled technology and services from design to project delivery

Innovative solutions supporting the energy transition

Technip Energies offers extensive experience, technologies, know-how and unique project management capabilities in onshore and offshore businesses. Our expertise includes a full range of design and project development services, from feasibility studies to project delivery.  
With 60 years history executing some of the world’s largest and most complex projects, we combine our leading engineering and construction management capabilities with our technological know-how to develop new solutions that will support the world’s energy transition. Our comprehensive portfolio includes technologies, equipment, projects and services.

Accelerating the journey to a low carbon society 
We are a leader in LNG, a critical transition fuel, that positions us well for the future. In addition, we offer a range of design, construction and industrial applications that we expect will become more prominent as the world transitions to a less carbon-intensive economy. We’re leveraging our engineering expertise and technologies to develop new projects in hydrogen, biochemicals, biofuels, carbon capture and sequestration, and other solutions.  

Our culture of innovation has also given us a pioneering and leading advantage in petrochemicals including ethylene, refining and fertilizers and other industries such as mining and metals, life sciences, nuclear and more, as well as in fixed platforms and floating productions units such as Floating LNG. Together with our clients, we’re taking on the world’s biggest energy challenges to build a better future.

Broad range of services and technologies
We are committed to providing our clients the most optimized services at the earliest project phase from engineering studies, technology licensing, proprietary equipment to end-to-end project management. Our project management consultancy (PMC) and advisory services leverage our expertise in the management of complex projects. We have a unique expertise in integrating process technologies, either proprietary or from third-party licensors. This fosters early project engagement and makes the greatest impact on project efficiency. 
Strong project execution and track record
We are proud of our long-standing experience in delivering the most complex and pioneering projects worldwide. For decades, we have developed exceptional project management skills to offer the most innovative and sustainable solutions to the energy industry. We partner with the world's most reputable players for technologies, equipment and construction worldwide to offer our clients the most optimized project execution scheme.

Our services

World class in project execution from concept to delivery.

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TechnipFMC is one of the world's largest E&C companies for the energy industry. With a 60-year of track record of successes, we bring our customers a combination of skills, creativity and agility to deliver projects successfully.

Our markets

Leading global engineering and construction services for midstream and downstream facilities.

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From licensed proprietary technologies, FEED studies and early engagement, to complete EPC solutions, we have the expertise, experience and strong partnerships to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Energy transition

Our framework for the energy transition includes four strategic pillars: LNG, sustainable chemistry, decarbonization and carbon-free energy solutions

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Through extensive experience, technologies, project management, integrated expertise and EPC capabilities, Technip Energies continues to break boundaries and accelerate the journey to a low-carbon society. Leveraging our vast competencies from decades of working in the transformation of the energy sector, we enable our clients to achieve their energy transition targets.


Our technologies and equipment

Unique technology portfolio and advanced equipment for onshore and offshore projects

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We provide unique technological know-how to our clients. We have a strong expertise in integrating process technologies, either proprietary or from third-party licensors. We offer extensive and innovative portfolio of offshore technology solutions. Our equipment includes marine loading arms and offshore LNG transfer systems we design and fabricate in addition to robotics and surveillance systems.